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Streaming sports for free is one thing every sports lover will like to know about. Also, streaming these full sports matches for free is a big deal to every sports fan. On, getting connected to your favorite sports and streaming their full matches are done for free. - Stream Live Soccer, Cricket, NBA, and More

This means that on this website, you can stream full matches of sports such as soccer, basketball, NFL, and so on for free. There is no need to be concerned about missing out on anything on It ensures that every sports fan can easily stream their favorite games.

What is is a free online sports streaming platform that allows sports lovers to connect to every sport of their choice. It was designed to make streaming different sports matches easy. In the year 2021, it was released and made available for access.

What Sports can I Stream on

On, there are six different kinds of sports you can stream for free. As a fan of any of these sports, this is the best website to access them and stream any match you want. However, the six sports available for streaming on this platform are:


If you are a fan of NFL matches, connects you to all the matches, irrespective of where you are. It lists all of the games for each day, including the current day, and tells you when they will be available for streaming.


On this website, you can easily stream all your favorite cricket matches, including the T20 World Cup. With this platform, you will not miss out on a single match. You can also stream all the matches between your two favorite teams.


The World Cup is currently underway, and all soccer fans are looking for places to watch it online. On this website, you can stream every match very easily for free. This website has made everything available and easy to access to stream your matches.


As a boxing lover, this platform keeps you connected to all your favorite boxing matches very easily. Today’s and tomorrow’s games are saved and made available to you in time for streaming.


On this platform, you can stream NBA matches very easily without having to do much. You get updated about the matches available and stream them at the right time.

UFC gets you connected to all UFC matches and ensures that you stream all your favorite matches at the right time. With this website, you will not miss a single match.

Now that you know these, you can access this platform and stream them for free.

Is Safe

Unfortunately, is not safe to use. But because the website does not require you to put in any information about yourself before streaming, there is no need to worry about disconnection or your information being linked.

However, to be safe, ensure that a VPN is made available on your device to add extra safety to your streaming.

Do I Need to Sign Up Before Streaming Matches?

Thankfully, does not require streamers to create an account or enter any information to stream online on it. There is no required process to be followed for processing before streaming.

This is to keep the information of the streamer safe and also to ensure that the streamer does not encounter difficulties while streaming. However, all they need to do is visit the website directly and then get connected to their favorite sport. Login

There is no login process for, just as there is no sign-up process. Instead, you will need to go ahead and go to the website and stream on the go.

Because you were never required to put in any information when accessing the website for the first time, there is no need to put in any information when going back to stream on it.

Can I Stream live on

Apparently, you can only stream live on Old matches cannot be streamed on this platform.

This means that if there is an ongoing match, you can stream it immediately, but once it is over, you cannot stream it again. Therefore, yes, you can stream live on

How to Stream on

After all the necessary things about have been known, you need to know how to stream on the platform.

As your matches progress, you can watch them live or stream them on Below are the steps you should follow to stream on

  • Using your chosen device, navigate to in your web browser.
  • On the home page, select the sport you would like to stream.
  • On the next page, go through the schedule of the day’s sports.
  • Identify the ongoing match you wish to stream.
  • Then click on “watch.”
  • You will be taken to a new page.
  • Choose the live links you would like to use for the streaming
  • Click on “Go Live” after that.
  • Now, you can begin to stream.

Once all of these are done, you can stream as many matches as you like.

Is legal?

Unfortunately, it is an illegal streaming website. It is not safe or advisable for people to stream on it. This may lead to disconnection, but for this reason, you need to have a VPN available on your device.