13 Good Christmas Movies on VUDU to Watch this 2022

13 Good Christmas Movies on VUDU – This Christmas seems to be looking more and more exciting and people are looking for ways to turn up more this holiday. This Christmas holiday is about making our partners and loved ones feel special. However, despite all the presents and Christmas puddings, spending time with loved ones is one of the main driving factors of this holiday.

13 Good Christmas Movies on VUDU to Watch this 2022

What better way to validate that point than to spend Christmas together with your family doing the things you all love and enjoy? Undeniably, watching the best movies together with family or friends makes this Christmas your best one. This article will detail all the 13 good movies to watch on Vudu this Christmas 2022.

13 Good Christmas Movies On Vudu To Watch This 2022

These movie recommendations are going to spice up your holiday season. Here are 13 good movies to watch on Vudu to watch this 2022: 


This Christmas movie has many ups and downs and tells the story of sad strangers who try to seek happiness on Christmas eve. This movie has a combination of drama and romance genres and can liven up your mood, despite all the emotions it evokes.

Santa Claus Conquers The Martin

This movie has a smooth combination of comedy and Sci-fi and comedy and you can be sure it’s going to be one of the best movies to stream this holiday. The movie centers around how Santa Claus was kidnapped by the Martians. Since they did so since there was no Santa on Mars to give presents to their Martian children, various activities unfold from that action. You should check it out to see how it ends.

Home Alone

The Home Alone series is one of the best recommendations to come across your screens this Christmas. Having a mixture of family and comedy, it is the greatest quintessential Christmas movie about an eight years old boy who unexpectedly becomes the man of the house after his family forgot him behind on their Christmas trip. Also, he has to defend his home from two burglars.

Christmas Is You

Furthermore, this is another good movie option you simply have to watch to get your Christmas spirit up. If you are into the whole heroine scenes and all, this is just the perfect movie you can use to start the day. It tells the story of a heroine that struggles to save Christmas in her town.

Christmas Dance

It tells the story of a young woman who unexpectedly finds romance when she goes back to her hometown for a family emergency. Between juggling writing the column by her Christmas-loving boss and finishing her assignment, we get to watch how things evolve. Stream the movie to get the most fun and excitement this holiday.

 Miracle On Christmas

In addition, this is another one of the great movie recommendations that one can stream on the Vudu streaming platform. It carefully tells the story of a family who gets an unexpected visit from a stranger during Christmas, it is quite an enjoyable movie and can be watched together with friends and loved ones.

Black Christmas

If you are a horror movie fanatic, this is more your thing. However. this movie can still be enjoyed by people who don’t have the vibe though. It tells the story of female friends who are stalked by a stranger during their Christmas break together. They are about to discover more than what they ask for.

The Grinch

Even if you have watched this animation before, it is worth rewatching as it is a great movie to liven up your holiday spirit. The Grinch and his loyal dog tries to ruin Christmas even further. Hence, they go about stealing all the town’s gifts and decorations to disrupt the festive holidays. You should try watching this animation to see how it ends and make your Christmas special.


This centers more on ancient European folklore except it’s more exciting and has the genre horror. It tells the story of a horned beast who punishes naughty children at Christmastime. A young boy also happens to lose his Christmas Spirit and it unleashed the demon. Watch the movie to see how it ends.


The P2 movie is another great movie recommendation that will be streaming on the movie platform. It is also a horror movie that will leave you wanting more. It tells the story of a woman who gets locked in her garage on Christmas.  Knowing that it spikes enough curiosity within you all, steam the movie on Vudu this Christmas to find out what happens next.

A Kindhearted Christmas

If you are looking for something to warm your heart and cheer up your Christmas mood, A Kindhearted Christmas is one movie I would gladly recommend. From all the smooth details and fun scenes, it tells the story of a woman who tries so hard to spread her Christmas Spirit by giving to people who are in need

Pete’s Christmas

With a hint of drama, family, and comedy, Pete’s Christmas is one thing to look out for. It can also tell stories that are relatable in this holiday season. This is because it tells the story of a boy who decides and tries his possible best to give his family the best Christmas ever. Relatable, right?

Christmas Staycation

This is another thing that many or few can relate to during the holidays. The movie covers a wholesome, complete scene where it shows the fun of the Christmas Spirit. Also, it tells the tale of a family that couldn’t be together for Christmas. Hence, they plan to simply do so over their computer screens.

Mentioned above are good Christmas movies that you can stream with your family, friends, or partners over the holidays. What’s more, all the movies can be streamed on Vudu’s movie streaming platform.  All you have to do is simply visit their website at https://www.vudu.com/ and start watching the best of all bests to get your holiday spirit rolling.