Find My iPhone Online – Find My iPhone Offline

Did you recently lose your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or any other Apple device and you’re wondering how do I find my iPhone online? One of the effective means in which you can find your lost or stolen Apple device is through the online procedures and also when your device is online. Find My iPhone online protracts one of the effective and faster means of locating your device especially when it’s connected. Thankfully, Apple Inc. provides two means in which you can make use of to remotely find the location of your device.

Find My iPhone Online - Find My iPhone Offline

First of all, Find My iPhone is an application designed to help people track down their device whenever it’s lost or stolen. The requirement for this application operates under the iOS 8 and later. Already, the application is pre-installed on iOS 9 TO 12. Any operating system of Apple Inc. below this, you can visit the Apple Store to install the application. Also, for a higher version like the iOS 13, the application is been replaced by a new advanced and innovation tracking application known as the Find My app.

How to Find My iPhone Device Online

Just like I mention, the probability of finding your iPhone if the device is connected or online are higher than when it’s offline. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t still be able to locate your device even if it’s offline. This is the steps on how you can recover your iPhone:


  • Go to
  • In the middle of the page, enter your Apple ID.
  • Click Find Device and select your device.
  • Use the Location Map to navigate the location and get direction.

On the Find My app:

  • Open then Find My iPhone with another device.
  • Enter your Apple ID if required.
  • Click the option Find iPhone.
  • Then you can view the location on the map.

Probably, after trying the following steps and still not able to find your device. If you didn’t turn on the Find my iPhone app on your device before the incident happen. For that reason, you won’t be able to find your device.

What if my iPhone is Offline or Shut Down?

The person that might have found your iPhone without returning it will probably want to switch it off. So that you won’t be able to call or contact your device. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t locate your device. In one way or the other, the person will eventually switch on the device. While locating your device, there are several features you will see in which you can use to locate your device.

Once you locate the last location where your device was online. You will see the feature “Notify When Found”, just turn the features on. Therefore, once your device is online, you will be able to see the location and use the direction to navigate the location.