FaceTime – How to Download Facetime

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Have you been coming across the FaceTime app on your device as an iOS device user and then you are not sure of what you can do with it? Well, not to worry as this article would be enlightening you on what facetime is and how to use it. Facetime is a mobile app available for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch which helps you stay connected with your family and friends regardless of where they are around the world. It is a proprietary videotelephony app developed by Apple Inc to help apple device users stay connected with video and audio calls.

FaceTime - How to Download Facetime

Facetime is however free but only accessible on Apple devices. But as an android device user, you can be invited to join a call on Facetime. Also, one unique thing about the facetime call platform is that it is not selective on the kind of network it works on as long as you have a strong internet connection. But note that, the app might not appear on devices bought in the United Arab Emirates. However, if you can find facetime on your device, you should use it as there’s a lot to enjoy from using it. Here are the features of the Facetime app below.

Features of FaceTime

The app Facetime wasn’t just created but so many unique features were attached to it. Some of these features would be listed for you. Then it would now be left to you to explore the video telephony platform via the app on your device to explore and even discover more features. However, one of the unique features of Facetime is that you can reach out to anyone you want to regardless of distance for free of charge.  Aside from this, there are still a lot more. Here are some other features of Facetime below;

  • Watch Videos and at the same time listen to your music using the shareplay feature on the video and audio call platform as its synced playback and share controls puts everyone on the same beat adding with it a smart volume that enables an easy conversation while going over facetime.
  • Facetime app enables you to share your device screen so as for you to be able to bring your favorite and most used app into it.
  • You can get a Facetime link to invite anyone you want to join you on a facetime call regardless of the device they are using. This means that even friends who don’t use an Apple device can also join you on the call just with the use of their web browser with no form of signing up or logging in required.
  • On Facetime, there is also a grid view that enables you to see who joined your group’s facetime calls so as for you to comfortably highlight to the current speaker to know who is speaking.
  • Using the Facetime app, you can also get through to people through calls using either their mobile number or their apple ID. Moreover, the app works over either a Wi-Fi or a data connection.
  • You can block noises with the use of the Voice isolation feature on the Facetime app and bring your voice to the spotlight making it easier for the contact you are on the phone with to hear you properly regardless of the kind of environment you are in.

Lastly, on Facetime, you can enable the portrait mode which is another feature of the video and audio calling app. This portrait mode makes your background blur and makes Facetime focus on you. There are still a lot more features to discover as Facetime is a very exciting platform you can use on your Apple device to make both video and audio calls. But how do you explore this app without first having it on your device? See below for how to download the app if you can’t find it on your device.

How to Download Facetime

If you are used to downloading apps from your App store, then downloading facetime shouldn’t be a challenge for you. This is because it takes the same steps to download any mobile app from your App store. But if you are still new to using an Apple device and then you want to try out the Facetime app but you need to download it first before you can open it, here are steps on how to process the app download below;

  • Open your device App store
  • Using the Store’s search engine to locate the app
  • Click on the app from the search result
  • Tap on the get button
  • Wait while your app is downloading.

Once your download is complete, you can now open the app to use face time to stay connected with whoever you want to, which could be family or friends.

How to use FaceTime?

Using facetime isn’t tasking. Besides, it is very easy and hassle-free. As an android or a PC device user, you cannot start a call facetime but can only be invited to join a call through a link an iPhone user sends to you. While as an iOS device user, you would have to register your email address or sign in with your apple id as your phone number would automatically be registered on the call platform. Once you have registered your email or signed in with your Apple ID, you can now follow these guidelines below on how to use facetime to make calls and send links;

Facetime to Make Calls

  • Open the facetime app
  • Click on New Facetime
  • Enter the person’s phone number or email address
  • Click on the number or email address
  • Tap on the audio button or face time button to start the call

Facetime to Send Links

  • Open the facetime app
  • Locate and click on the create link button
  • Tap on add name for the group call if it’s a group called
  • Enter the name
  • Select “OK”
  • Chose who you want to send the link to and tap send.

Keep in mind that you can also send the link through messages or mail or any other apps facetime supports that is in the share menu. Then your invitee would have to click on the link to join the call for free of charge.