Best Stocks For Kids In 2024

The Best Stocks for Kids: It should come as no surprise that the world of investing isn’t necessarily restricted to adults alone. Young teens and even kids are making waves in the world of investments, making wise financial choices, and getting their rewards from their risks.

Best Stocks For Kids

So, what might be the best stocks to buy for your kids? In this article, we will explore some of the best investment apps for kids of all ages. Hence, read through this article till the end.

Can Kids Invest themselves in the Stock Market?

This is a scenario that is not encouraged. In fact, minors aren’t even allowed to invest properly in any stock market of their choice. However, this doesn’t stop them from achieving their investment goals, as they can still invest with the help and supervision of a parent.

This can easily be done using a custodial brokerage account that will be signed up for by your parent or parents. And while the kid owns the brokerage account, the parent is simply the one that controls the investments until they come of age.

Benefits of Investing in Your Kids

The world of investing comes with a lot of financial risks, results, and perhaps losses and benefits.

There are many features and benefits that come with getting your children to invest. Here are some general benefits that come with getting your kids to invest:

Saving For the Future

When you encourage your children to invest, you are enabling the effect of securing their future in terms of finances. It is acceptable that investment is one way to grow one’s riches, and when it comes to your kids, it secures their financial independence gradually. What’s more, these savings will come in handy in the case of emergencies or unseen futures. This could even prove to be helpful later in terms of the kids’ retirements.

The Process of Understanding Finances

If you introduce your kids earlier on to investing in stocks, this will give them healthy knowledge and understanding of how finances work. What’s more, we all know that school doesn’t teach much at all about financial management, and parents can easily fill in the gaps. Also, it is better to teach them when they are young to understand than when it is too late.

Learn new and Good Financial Habits

A person who is going to be handling finances here and there will need to be good, reliable, and have good habits in terms of money. Furthermore, the skills and notions that children pick up concerning investment and others stick with them permanently, which teaches them responsibility and accountability.

Search for Potential Careers

Many kids already know what they want to be in the future, and for some, they get financial backing to keep them afloat in times of emergencies. But in real hindsight, teaching your kids investments gives them more and more opportunities to explore their real paths of career without getting stuck working a job they don’t like. Even so, they could end up becoming financial brokers, advisors, or traders.

Best Stocks For a Kid to Invest In

Here is a list of the best stocks where your kids can invest, or you can buy for your kids as well:


Without a doubt, Amazon is at the forefront of the line in terms of online shopping and retail. They simply excel at almost everything, from their products to their interfaces to their fast shipping. Also, the company continues to see improvements and growth.

So, with the large size and competence of this online giant marketplace, this can prove to be a risky but high-reward prospect to invest in. What’s more, with their continual increase in stocks from 1977 until now, your kid just might reap the huge reward of investing in Amazon.


Everyone uses a well-deserved break, relaxation period, and pastime to stream movies and shows from Netflix. While it has some major competition with other streaming sites, Netflix on its own is a giant streaming site, and this will be a good opportunity for you to invest in the company. With their never-ending growth, this calls for more opportunities in the future.


While kids and toys are the perfect pair, it would be wise to throw in a little bit of effort to gain more financial backup by investing in this popular toy company. While toys are fun to play with, investing in stocks will last forever as a long-term investment. Besides, this company would be a perfect example of introducing your kids not only to the toys but also to the long-term benefits they might earn.


A popular household name like Target is the perfect place to consider buying stocks for your kids. A large majority has invested large sums of money in this company, and the company has continued to see an increase in its revenue in the preceding years. So, why don’t you consider this company a good option to invest their stocks in?


Hasbro has the heart and care of every kid in their hearts with the creation of their board games. Many of their top creations include games like Monopoly, G.I., Nerf, Joe, My Little Pony, and so on. Also, they have made massive collaborations with Disney to create more toys for big franchises and more. With all these inclusive games for kids, this would be a good company choice to get your kids on board with investing in stocks.


Formerly and popularly known as Facebook, Meta is a huge online company that everyone has heard about. For so many years until now, this social media platform has dominated the online space and has seen its fair share of increased revenue. Linked with the Instagram app, you know as well that your kids have spent a considerable amount of time on the social media app.

While that may eventually lead to being called a ‘waste of time’, what cannot be called that is an investment in stocks for your kids. What’s more, with their continuous growth, the stocks could all end up being very rewarding as well as a long-term investment.


Even though your kids aren’t legal enough to start driving electric cars like Tesla, they should still be wise enough to invest in electric cars. With tons of innovation happening at the forefront, this car company has also grown to become a source of sustainable energy advocacy. Furthermore, their growth also extends to their increase in revenue and high-reward investment as well.


McDonald’s has grown to become one of the largest food chains, with their stores opening at every corner, you know. Despite the hit on food chains during the Corona period, this is a company that has bounced back and has continually grown. What’s more, one of the features that differentiate McDonald’s from other companies in terms of investment is their dividends. McDonald’s continues to see an increase in their dividends, payout ratios, and so much more.

Many other companies that are the best for your kids to invest in are Google, Apple, Disney, and many more.