Best Snapchat Features For Creators To Earn Money

Best Snapchat Features For Creators To Earn Money- Snapchat is without a doubt one of the most popular social media platforms, allowing you to send instant messages, take photos, make videos, and share content with friends and family. It is an American-based multimedia instant messaging platform with many users globally. However, not only is Snapchat a platform for messaging and connecting with your friends and family, but you can also make use of this platform as a content creator to earn money. Snapchat allows creators to monetize their accounts by providing them with quality features. With these features, creators can reach a broad audience on Snapchat.

Best Snapchat Features For Creators To Earn Money

In addition, creators can use these features to earn money on the platform. However, like TikTok and Instagram, it is important that you post engaging content regularly, and you must have a large following to access the best opportunities. It is worth noting that, while creating a profile on Snapchat is easy, not all creators will be eligible for Snapchat’s monetization features. Nonetheless, you can get started with the basic features of the app to grow your subscriber base. And eventually, you can start earning an income from the app. Read on to discover these features.

Best Snapchat Features for Creators to Earn Money

In this part of the article, we’ve covered some of the best features for creators to earn money on Snapchat. Check out our top picks below:

1 Shopify Integration

One of the best features that you can use on Snapchat as a creator and earn money with is the Shopify Integration Tool. With this tool, you can snap stars to add the Shopify shop button to your public profile. This will enable your fans to know about your products and also shop from you. In addition, this integration makes it easier for Snap stars to monetize their content, thereby increasing their revenue streams by selling products directly to their followers.

It also promotes the shopping experience for fans, who can search for and purchase items without leaving the app. Just by clicking the Shop button, your followers will be directed to your online store in Shopify, where they can browse and buy items such as accessories, dresses, and other branded items.

2 Snapchat Gifts

Another excellent feature on Snapchat is the gift feature. This feature allows users to reward their favorite Snap stars by sending them gifts. In addition, this feature allows users to purchase and send virtual gifts to their desired snap stars as a way of appreciating their content. This type of gift can range from stickers and filters to more expensive items such as Bitmoji outfits and lenses. Also, you can buy snap toys, which are used to send virtual gifts. Getting a gift may generate a Crystal Award for a qualified creator, with large gifts resulting in bigger payouts.

3 Snapchat Creator Marketplace

Just like Facebook, Snapchat also has a creator marketplace designed to enable you to connect with brands for sponsored content opportunities. Once you are qualified to join the Snapchat Marketplace, you will be sent an invite. To increase your chances of getting an invitation, you must create a public profile, post engaging content regularly, build an audience, and become a Snap Star. Once you successfully get an invitation, users will be able to create a portfolio to showcase their talent. Also, they get to use the best lenses and videos that they have created, highlighting their creativity and unique style. Businesses can find this portfolio and contact the creators, who will be able to set their rates and choose which projects they want to work on.

4 Snapchat Spotlight

With Snapchat Spotlight, eligible creators on Snapchat who create top snaps can earn money from a reward pool with millions. To qualify, your videos must be vertical, 60 seconds or less in length, and free of watermarks or branding to monetize. Users who post the best photos will receive a crystal award, which can be redeemed for cash. However, payments are based on a formula that considers the engagement on the snap and other factors. Snapchat creators who qualify for Snap Crystals via highlight submission or Snap Star recognition receive a push notification in the app.

5 Snapchat Filters

Creators on Snapchat are provided with quality filters to help showcase their creativity better. Although all users can access the filter icon, it does not guarantee direct opportunities to earn money. Creators can still earn money through content collaborations with sponsors that support their filters. Also, Lens Studio allows creators to sell their AR creations to businesses and brands for use in sponsored campaigns or ads. Lastly, creators of popular lenses can leverage these to get more branded content opportunities in the future.