Best Phones Under $300 in 2024

Best Phones Under $300 in 2024 – In recent times, phones have been getting more expensive, especially smart flagship devices. However, some affordable Phones out there offer you amazing features for just about $300. With these wallet-friendly Smartphones, you can send texts, run most apps, make calls, and play games for just 100 dollars less than the Galaxy S24 or iPhone 15. Also, you can access 5G with these affordable phones.

Best Phones Under $300 in 2024

Many of these phones that come under $300, even come with expandable storage and headphone jack. To see exactly what we are talking about, check out our list of the Best Phones Under $300 in 2024. On this list, you can find affordable handsets you choose from at friendly prices.

10 Best Phones under $300 in 2024

We have evaluated and tested Smartphones in different price ranges just to find you devices under $300 that offer amazing features and great value. Read to the very end to check out 10 Smartphones at the range of $300.

OnePlus Nord N30 5G

This $300 OnePlus Nord N30 5G has lots of amazing features for a phone of its price. Its charging speed is also another thing that stands out in the price range. In just about 45 minutes, it can charge from 0% to 100%. Its 1,080p display, large 6.72-inch runs at 120Hz refresh rate and makes websites, games, apps, and streaming videos smooth. OnePlus Nord N30 5G can also take well-detailed and good photos in outdoor settings with plenty of light. However, this phone only has one software update to Android 14 with 3 years of security updates. Still, it offers incredible features you can’t imagine for devices of its price.

Samsung Galaxy A24

Regardless of your low budget, Samsung consistently offers phones to cater to different price ranges, and the $300 category is not an exception. The Samsung Galaxy A24 falls just under the category but doesn’t compromise on features, making it a good investment. It boasts a sizable 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display with a smooth 90Hz refresh rate and a high resolution of 1080×2340 pixels, this phone ensures a bright screen for outdoor and sharp clarity when users want to read.

The phone runs on a Mediatek Helio G99. Although not groundbreaking, it provides ample power for most applications. And even supports light gaming if you manage your expectations. However, if photography is your main focus, you might want to explore other options, as some users find its low-light performance less incredible. What sets this affordable Samsung phone apart is its extended support plan. Launched with Android 13, the manufacturer commits to providing four OS updates and maintaining security patches for about 4 years. This makes it the top choice for the best $300 Android phone available. It ensures longevity and staying current with updates and security measures.

The Moto G Power 5G

The Moto G Power 5G stands out as the cheapest phone that offers a generous 256GB of internal storage. This substantial space is good for people who frequently download movies and music to enjoy during times without a reliable internet connection. The phone’s 6.5-inch 1,080p display works at a smooth 120Hz refresh rate, enhancing the visual experience for applications, movies websites, and games. If you need even more storage, expanding it is possible with a microSD card. In the $200 to $300 price range, this phone, like many counterparts, retains the convenience of a headphone jack.

While excelling as a media-centric device for its price range, the Power 5G compromises on its camera features. Typical for phones in this price range, it performs well in outdoor photography but struggles with capturing details in shallow light conditions. If an abundance of storage space is your top priority, the Moto G Power 5G may be a good choice for you.

Blackview N6000

If you want a Smartphone that was designed not to need a case, then Blackview N6000 is the right choice for you. It has 256GB of storage, 16GB of RAM, and a MediaTek Helio G99 CPU. Thanks to its tiny 4.3-inch screen, the phone can keep running all day. It is made to be very tough with IP69K and IP68 water and dust resistance, Gorilla Glass 5, and MIL-STD-810H military-grade durability.

TCL 30 V 5G

The TCL 30 V 5G carries the usual compromises inherent in selecting an affordable phone under $300. Nevertheless, if you want extended battery life in a phone, TCL’s $299 device delivers in spades. The phone boasts an average endurance of 11 hours and 46 minutes on our battery test. When activating its smart refresh mode, and changing the refresh rate to conserve battery power, the results improved to about 12 hours.

To enjoy the TCL 30 V 5G, you must subscribe to Verizon for your phone service. This connection allows you to access Verizon’s swift C-Band 5G network. And aligning with the phone’s compatibility with this advancing 5G technology. While the TCL 30 V 5G may lack some processing power. Its cameras could produce better pictures, these are trade-offs occasionally necessary for a more affordable phone.

Light Phone 2

Light Phone 2 is very different from any kind of phone on our list. It is designed for users who want freedom from a constant stream of notifications but still want a phone to look good. Despite the limited functionality, it costs $299 at different retail stores. It supports music playbacks, podcasts, mobile hotspot functionality, texts, phone calls, and limited GPS support for directions. However, you should know that this camera does not have a web browser, camera, email access, or other apps like messaging or news apps.  

Moto G Power

While we may not be lovers of Motorola’s direction in 2022, it’s unarguably that its G Series phones offer affordability. The standout choice among them is the Moto G Power (2022), even though the model doesn’t quite reach the heights of its predecessors.

Priced at less than $300, the Moto G Power covers different essentials. It handles calls, captures pictures, internet browsing, and albeit of mediocre quality. One of its notable strengths is its impressive battery life. That lasts for 13 hours and 15 minutes in the battery life test. However, you need to be ready to make some compromises, particularly regarding performance.

OnePlus Nord N20 5G

While the OnePlus Nord N30 is a new model, the OnePlus Nord N20 still holds up well in terms of the price-to-performance ratio. Especially if you can snag it at a discounted price from its original $299. However, if the Nord N30 is available, it might be the right choice.

Similar to its successor Nord N30, the Nord N20 boasts strong battery life. It lasts for about 11 hours and 20 minutes in our test, and it offers satisfactory performance for a Smartphone in this price range. Plus, it features an impressive 6.4-inch AMOLED display with vibrant colors and deep blacks.

Nokia G400 5G

Nokia has been working extra hard to hold its place in Android history by producing cheap phones with good designs and balanced specs. This Nokia G400 5G comes with 4GB of RAM and 480+. It is a very fast version of the Snapdragon 480 that we saw in other Smartphones on this list. It comes very cheap and amazing performance. The best part is that it runs in Android 12 out of the box. Top of Form

Moto G Stylus (2023)

If you don’t have much for bigger Androids, the Moto G Stylus is worth taking a look at. This phone has included a stylus that is in the phone when it is not in use. It is very affordable and you can take notes, draw, and navigate the UI with it. Also, you can get Android 13, 128GB of storage that can be expanded and a 6.5 inch HD+90Hz display. It has a perfect battery that can last a whole day.

Are Phones under $300 a choice?

Yes, they are a good choice if you want a phone that does well at a good price. Surprisingly for us, there are lots of phones available at this price. With them, you can save more money and also enjoy amazing features at the same it. Although, they will reduce display size, extra cameras, resolution, and other bonuses. But if you shop around well, you will be able to get a really good phone under $300. Top of Form