Best Makeup Apps For Your Android And iOS Devices

Which apps are the best for makeup? Or where can I get the best makeup app? In recent times, makeup has become an art form most people are not capable of doing. There are lots of girls who love practicing makeup, while some are just afraid of trying new styles and looks on their faces.

Best Makeup Apps For Your Android And iOS Devices

Being a professional in makeup comes with its own perks. And going to celebrity stylists or makeover artists would be quite expensive and unfeasible too. However, if you are a lover of makeup, you should have it in the back of your mind that makeup could actually be fun.

Also, you do not need to size up a pile of different products for your face. This is because there are lots of makeup apps that allow people to have an idea of whether a specific makeup look fits their face or not. When going for the apps, just focus on the best make-up app.

Furthermore, there are lots of makeup apps out there, and finding the best makeup app can be very difficult. However, when choosing the best makeup app, keep your eyes peeled for apps that come with different features. The best make-up app is the one that comes with amazing features that suit your taste.

Nevertheless, in this article, we have chosen the best makeup apps for your Android and iOS devices. We have tested multiple make-up apps and have made a list of the best make-up apps that allow users to try different makeup looks and even hairstyles.

5 Best Makeup Apps for Android & iOS Devices

As stated above, there are lots of makeup apps out there. However, below are the five best makeup apps that not only help retouch your photos but also help you look like a celebrity. The below apps can also teach you how to master makeup art.

YouCam Makeup

Unarguably, YouCam Makeup is one of the best makeup apps out there. This is because it offers all the features that are very important in a makeup app. Some of these features are a beauty camera, skin analysis, and virtual makeover.

On the app, you can upload your photo and try out different types of makeup styles, lipstick colors, and other adjustments. You can also make use of the Magic Selfie Retouch feature to touch up your selfies automatically. YouCam Makeup has amazing features and tools. It offers a 70-day free trial, after which you have to pay $5.99 per month for premium features.


FaceApp is the most popular and most talked-about beauty and makeup app in the world nowadays. It is a mobile application by a Russian company for all devices. This app allows users to change their makeover looks and hairstyles. It also allows gender transformation, which has attracted a large number of people.

FaceApp offers lots of features, like transforming pictures into older versions and many more. The app is a very impressive one for makeup artists and other people.

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

Mary Kay is a well-known cosmetic brand that offers a free makeup app that you can make use of to try their products. The app allows users to upload selfies or make use of pictures of models to try out different types of lipstick, eye shadow, and many more.

Users can share the results of the makeup via social media or text messages and also add products to their shopping list. This makes it very easy to find them in local stores or online. One of the best parts about this makeup app is that it is free of charge. This means you do not have to worry about charges when using the app.

MakeUp Plus

MakeUp Plus is the most fashionable makeup app out there. It features filters created by internationally renowned professionals like Lisa Eldridge and Bretman Rock. It also has an amazing, classy design that makes it very easy to retouch selfies with the AR Glam tool or Beautify feature.

If you want to try out the products before you purchase them, you can make use of the counter tools to test out products by Stila and other big brands. Also, you can make use of the hair dye tool to explore various colors and hairstyles. Makeup Plus is free and you should expect to see ads pop up while using the app.

Pretty Makeup

Pretty Makeup is a beauty app that comes with a selfie camera. It comes with a photo editor that allows you to give your selfie a makeover. The app offers amazing features like an automatic beautification option, a variety of hairstyles and dyes that can be tested, and many more.

Just like other beauty apps, it does more than just edit pictures. After making use of the makeup app, the pictures can be saved on mobile phones or you can even share them on social media platforms.

Just choose any of the above that suits your taste and make your pictures look professional. The makeup apps listed above will give you the best results you can ever ask for. Download the apps today on your iOS or Android devices.