Best Car Rental Websites in Nigeria

Are you currently searching for the best car rental websites in Nigeria? If so, you’re in the right place! This article will guide you to the top car rental services in Nigeria. Many people rely on cars for convenient and efficient transportation, and renting a car is often a more affordable and comfortable choice. However, not everyone is aware of the websites that offer car rentals in Nigeria.

Best Car Rental Websites in Nigeria

Renting a car is a fantastic idea, especially in Nigeria, where public buses can be crowded and uncomfortable. By renting a car through a reliable website, you can enjoy peace of mind, comfort, and a smooth journey to your destination, all without the hassles and delays associated with public transportation.

In the following sections, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of the best car rental websites in Nigeria. We hope this information proves valuable in your quest for a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience.

List of Car Rental Websites in Nigeria

Maxford Car Rentals

This website stands out as one of Nigeria’s premier car rental platforms, renowned for offering exceptional deals on car rental services at affordable rates and delivering top-notch service.

They prioritize their customers’ needs, consistently striving to secure the ideal vehicle for each client. Operating around the clock, they maintain a 24/7 availability with no fixed opening or closing hours.

Their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction ensures that all customer’s preferences are met with precision and care.

Six Rent-a-Car Nigeria

Here, you’ll find conveniently located car rental options in Nigeria. The SIXT Lagos Ikeja branch boasts a wide range of rental cars, including sedans, sports cars, SUVs, and more.

They offer high-quality vehicles at affordable prices, making them accessible to a broad range of customers. Renting a car with SIXT allows you to navigate the vibrant city of Lagos with ease.

Their mission is to establish an outstanding company that positively impacts others by providing top-notch, reliable vehicles for rent.

Rent A Car Nigeria

At this establishment, you’ll find a versatile array of rental cars, with a focus on sedans. Their core expertise lies in car rental, corporate leasing, and ground transportation services.

They take pride in offering top-tier vehicle quality and delivering excellent customer service. Their commitment to customer satisfaction means they’re readily available to assist their clients at any time.

Dip Tour

Dip Tour is today reckoned as one of the leading Travel Solutions Companies out of Nigeria, their strength is also in the quality of their team of travel managers & consolidations with a common goal to meet the need of every traveler.

Here you can rent out any car of your choice to go on a tour with and also can travel along with it. They also offer quality cars and ensure their customers love the brand of car given to them.

Easy cars- Ready cars Car Hire/Rental Service Lagos

This stands out as one of the premier car rental companies in Lagos, offering the most competitive and budget-friendly rates. If you’re seeking a local car hire service with 24/7 availability in Lagos, this is the place to go. Their vehicles are equipped with well-trained drivers, complimentary internet access, and even a free phone for making calls.

If you give them a try and become their patron, you’ll undoubtedly be impressed by the quality and service they provide. Their offerings are tailored to your preferences, ensuring your satisfaction. You can rest assured that renting from them won’t leave you with any regrets; instead, you’ll likely choose them as your preferred option.

Dele Car Hire Service

Dele Car Hire Service is your go-to car rental provider, offering a wide selection of vehicles to cater to your preferences. They pride themselves on supplying sturdy and well-maintained cars that align with your taste.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction means they are readily accessible at any time, and they continually introduce stylish and well-designed cars to their fleet. Give them a try today to experience their exceptional offerings firsthand.

1st Car Hire Lagos

1st Car Hire Lagos stands out as a premier car rental company, offering customers access to premium and impeccable vehicles. They take pride in their diverse fleet, catering to a wide range of preferences.

The company specializes in providing car rental services for both corporate groups and individuals, in addition to offering chauffeur services and fleet management solutions.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that they are readily available to deliver the best experience with their extensive selection of cars.


This digital mobility company specializes in offering on-demand car rental and driver-hire services. They cater to the needs of individuals, professionals, and organizations, ensuring that each customer receives the most suitable solutions.

Their primary focus centers on their core business, and they harness technology to streamline the transportation process for added convenience.

Planet Car Rental

This establishment specializes in both car sales and car rentals in Nigeria, excelling in both domains. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the high-quality cars they offer, ensuring that they provide the best options for their customers.

With their robust and reliable vehicles, you can confidently explore various destinations, as they are built to deliver efficient and swift transportation services. Feel free to give them a try at any time, as their attentive service is always at your disposal.

Hertz Car Rentals

Hertz offers reliable car rental services that ensure a hassle-free experience. When you choose Hertz, you can rent a car without any reservations, as they are dedicated to matching you with the ideal vehicle that suits your specific requirements.

Furthermore, they are known for selling top-notch quality cars. Whether you need a car for a day or an extended period, their flexible car rental options have you covered. Count on Hertz to be there for you whenever you require their services, as their commitment to customer satisfaction means they are available at all times.


We trust that this article has provided valuable insights into the best car rental websites in Nigeria. Upon careful consideration, it’s evident that each of these options offers commendable services.

We assure you that regardless of your choice among the listed best car rental websites, you’ll receive top-notch service. Don’t hesitate to explore these options today and discover the best they have to offer for your needs.