Best Anime Streaming Services Of 2024

Are you an anime fanatic who is obsessed with always watching the latest or favorite anime series? Whether it be singles or series, millions of dedicated fans are eager to stream their favorite anime shows online. However, this raises the question, “What are the best anime streaming services?” With the millions of anime shows out there on the internet, finding the right streaming service can be tasking.

Best Anime Streaming Services

What’s more, the population of viewers continues to increase day by day, and good apps to stream anime from smartphones are hard to come by. Well, there are tons of variable options out there on the internet. If you are looking for the best anime streaming services that you can use, then stick around in this article to find out.

Best Anime Streaming Services

As mentioned, many face difficulties locating the perfect app they can use to watch their favorite anime shows. Many of these apps are filled with annoying ads, many don’t function to the best of their capabilities, and most of them are just plain illegal.

However, there are still many anime streaming app options that you can consider. These apps are user-friendly, safe to use, and allow you to watch your anime shows easily from your smartphone. Here are some of the best anime streaming services that you can use on your smartphones:


We cannot begin this list without mentioning one of the best platforms you can use to stream every single one of your favorite anime shows and series. Netflix is 100 percent compatible with all types of smartphones and devices. It also has a user-friendly interface and can be used easily by beginners.

What’s more, Netflix has a vast library of movies and shows, and they also have an anime catalog. This is the section you go to to browse all the available options and start streaming. However, Netflix doesn’t allow you to stream for free. You have to pay for a subscription plan of your choice to start streaming. You do not have to deal with ads, though.


The VRV platform is a successful online streaming service that has thousands of active users. These users visit the site to stream numerous content, including anime shows. Many of the anime shows available include Punch Line, One Piece, One Punch Man, and many more.

While you can easily access the platform for free, you will need to subscribe for $10 as a monthly fee to remove the ads. What’s more, you can even get all new episodes faster, download them to watch offline, and more with the subscription plan.

Amazon Prime Video

Another best anime streaming app for all developers is Amazon Prime Video. This platform is also largely popular with new anime, TV shows, and movies. So, you can be sure to find a lot of popular anime shows and series on this streaming site. Most of the anime have English subtitles, and others come in dubbed versions.

What’s more, Amazon Prime Video allows you to download these shows to watch offline, and you can also subscribe to their various pricing plans to get the best deals ever from this streaming site.


A large majority of the anime-loving community will always recommend the Crunchyroll site to interested fans. With over 20 million monthly visits, the Crunchyroll platform is one of the best anime streaming sites where you can get all your favorite shows and more.

Furthermore, Crunchyroll also offers users a broad library of digital manga. It has quickly ranked as one of the best apps to use for anime on Androids and iPhones. Furthermore, you have to subscribe to a subscription plan to get all the best deals and features with ease.


If you are looking for another best anime streaming app that offers classic anime, then RetroCrush is the best app that you should try out. This anime app offers millions of users a wide variety of old-school anime as well as popular ones. Furthermore, the app’s interface is so clean and easy to use that it offers dubbed anime releases.

You can even start watching your favorite anime shows without even creating an account. As well as many others, Retro Crush offers you the best deals on features to use and a wonderful anime streaming process. This is why it is considered one of the best anime streaming services for smartphones.


If you are looking for the best anime app to stream from that is 100 percent reliable, then Funimation is the perfect platform to consider. From popular anime shows like Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, One Piece, and many, many more. Funimation is the perfect site and app you can use to stream all your favorite anime shows.

While they offer free dubbed content to the public, users can easily get subbed content if they sign up for a subscription plan. If you aren’t convinced of what to choose, there is a 14-day trial period that can show you which subscription plan will be perfect for you.


This is another of the best anime streaming platforms, as well as an app that allows you to stream all your favorite anime shows legally. Additionally, it is supported on all mainstream device platforms, like Android, iOS, Chromecast, PS4, Sony TV, and others.

Also, you can easily catch up on the best classic anime series to ever be released and even watch episodes offline. Also, you can subscribe to either a free or premium account.


FireAnime is a popular anime platform and application where users can easily stream their favorite anime for free. However, it is only available for Android mobile devices and TVs. How this application works is that it retrieves links to anime shows from other popular anime giants and offers them to users to stream for free.

What’s more, the service has a friendly user interface, you can create your own waitlist, and other new episodes are constantly being uploaded. As mentioned, you can easily stream all your favorite shows on Android devices and TVs.


If you want something simple and free to use for streaming anime, then you should consider the Tubi app. You can easily get many action shows, movies, and, most importantly, animes from this streaming service.

What’s even more important is that you can get all the features of the giant streaming service for free on Tubi. Additionally, you can use the Tubi streaming service on your iOS and Android mobile phones.


One of the best anime streaming apps that you might never think about is YouTube. You might not even know this, but there are thousands of anime shows and series that are uploaded on the YouTube platform.

Since it’s no question that every single person has the YouTube application installed on their mobile devices or other devices. This makes it easier for anime fan lovers to stream their favorite anime shows from the YouTube app. What’s even greater is the fact that anyone can stream such shows from YouTube for free.


These are services that every anime lover should consider using to stream their favorite anime shows and series. While many of these apps might not be free, they do promise to deliver the best features and content to viewers. And the best thing is that they always deliver satisfying results.