7 Best iPad Games

7 Best iPad Games – For many who have great games on their iPhones, such games are also the best choices to play on an iPad. Even with all the great features and graphics of the game, many people still like to play it on a bigger screen. Playing games on an iPad usually feels better because of the widescreen, and the more powerful these iOS games are, the more AAA games are being received. Many of these games can be purchased at moderate prices, and others simply come for free.

7 Best iPad Games

Furthermore, the iPad is still home to a vast game library with different types like adventures, races, mysticism, etc. These are also games that can be enjoyed in your free time, maybe with friends or maybe alone. If you are interested in knowing just what kind of iPad games would be the best to play. Then, this article has a good list for you to select from.

7 Best iPad Games to Download

Here are 7 of the best iPad games you can conveniently play on your iPad.

Among Us

Launched in the year 2018, the super game Among Us became a household name in the year 2020 as it became one of everyone’s pastimes. To quell their boredom, people turned on their devices and stuck around to play this game, and it bonded friends even more. To play this game, you and your friends need to exercise control over cartoons that look like astronauts, and you have to work together to fix your spaceship.

The dangers involved are secret saboteurs that also work in secret to try and take you all out. Also, the smooth game of manipulation to find out hidden truths comes into full play here. It is a great choice to play on your iPad.


Among many of the top RPG games, Bastion stands out a lot, mainly because of recognizable features like its art design, storyline, and amazing voiceover acting. In this game, you can play a character who has the purpose of journeying into a post-apocalyptic fantasy world to collect rocks. The rocks that you collect will be used to upgrade your new home even more. Furthermore, there are other tasks involved for you to complete and upgrades that you must unlock before everything is concluded.


Another top 7 best iPad games to play is the Blek game. This game is pretty simple, with all the puzzles that work around touch-screen gestures as well as minimalistic arts. As the player, you have to create your own patterns of movement to complete every level. It may not sound appealing. But it is one of the best game apps that you can have on your iPad.

Asphalt 9: Legends

If you love shiny cars and a good car race, then I introduce to you the Asphalt 9 Legends. With its high-quality graphics, this car race game gives players a sense of speed with cool dream cars. What’s more, this game comes free with in-app purchases that will make you love every penny you spend.

Alto’s Odyssey

Among the top 7 best Games for iPad users is Alto’s Odyssey. As a big follow-up from 2015’s Alto Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey is another top-notch smooth-runner game to have installed on your iPad. You play this game as an endless runner who travels down the mountain. While completing goals, earning upgrades, and collecting coins all the way through your journey.


While this might come off as one of the most expensive iPad games, it is still one of the best digital games to have installed on your iOS device. Since it is the digitalized version of a board game, you have to perform tasks like laying down tiles. And game pieces on a virtual board to successfully build a medieval landscape. Also, you have the goal of building and owning completed structures like farms, cities, and roads. All in all, this game is continually ranked as one of the best board game apps.


If you are looking for a game a little more challenging. Then you must check out this survival game called Crashlands. This is another 7 best iPad Games you should consider. To play this game on your iPad, you have to survive this harsh world when you land on a planet filled with raw materials and wild animals. It will be up to you to fight and build from scratch. And plan strategies so that you will survive as long as possible in this game.

These are some of the best iPad games that you can purchase or download to play in your leisure time. They are either challenging, energetic, have a need for speed, or just need a little more brain power.

Where can I Buy these iPad Games?

Since you plan to buy or play these games on an iOS device, the perfect place you can easily go to search for these games and get on the App Store. Even though most of these games come with a price tag, you can still make the purchase straight from the App Store. Once they are purchased, you can access them straight on your iPad, and you can start having fun with them.