Auto-Owners Renters Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance provides renters insurance that offers protection for your belongings and liability coverage for unexpected accidents. With this insurer, you can customize your policy to fit your needs and budget, ensuring you have the coverage you need without paying for extras you don’t.

Auto-Owners Renters Insurance

Their straightforward claims process and responsive customer service make it easy to get the assistance you need when you need it most. With over 160 years of experience, Auto-Owners is committed to safeguarding families and their possessions through their network of independent agents. Renters can rely on auto owners for reliable coverage and excellent customer service, ensuring peace of mind for any rental situation.

Auto-Owners Renters Insurance Pros and cons

As you shop around for renters insurance, you will notice that prices are similar among many companies. And Auto-Owners Renters Insurance is among the most affordable ones out there. However, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to consider when choosing an insurer.


  • The Renters Plus package is optional and covers specific issues such as food spoilage from power outages and water backup in drains or sewers.
  • $15,000 for personal property coverage
  • Various discounts are available for having protective devices in your rented home, going paperless, and having more than one policy.


  • Renters with lower credit scores have fairly high rates.
  • $200,00 of personal property coverage is higher than some top companies.

What does Auto-Owners Renters Insurance cover?

Just so you know, what this policy covers is fairly standard, no matter which company you go with. Here are the types of coverage included in most renters’ policies:

Personal property: This covers your items like electronics, clothes, and furniture against various mishaps, including theft, vandalism, fire, smoke, falling objects, and even explosions. So, if something unexpected happens, you can rest assured knowing your belongings are protected.

Liability: If you accidentally cause harm or damage to someone else, you might face legal action. Personal liability insurance helps cover the costs of lawsuits, including settlements and defense expenses, if you’re found responsible for injuries or property damage, like if someone sues you for getting hurt on your property.

Medical payments: Medical payments coverage takes care of minor medical expenses, regardless of fault. For instance, if a visitor gets hurt at your place, like slipping and straining their back, this coverage can help pay for their medical bills. Usually, medical payment coverage starts at $1,000.

Loss of use or additional living expenses: If something happens to your apartment, like a fire or a storm, and you can’t stay there, your renter’s insurance can help. Extra living expenses coverage can pay for things like hotel stays, meals out, and even pet boarding fees. Just remember to keep all your receipts so you can use them when you file a claim.

Additional coverage offered by Auto-Owners Renters Insurance

Auto-Owners offers renters insurance with standard coverage like most companies, but they also provide additional options:

Renters Plus: This add-on includes coverage for refrigerated items, sewer and drain backup, and liability for waterbeds.

Personal property replacement cost: If your belongings are damaged, you’ll get reimbursed for new items instead of their depreciated value.

Special personal property: This covers items lost or misplaced beyond standard coverage.

Scheduled personal property: You can get extra coverage with an endorsement for expensive items like jewelry or collectibles, providing higher protection.

Auto-owners and Renters Insurance Rates

According to our analysis, this policy costs about $136 per year, or $11 a month on average. This is cheaper than the national average of $148 per year. With the discounts, you should be able to save on your premium by:

  • Bundling multiple policies with this one
  • Paying premiums on time for about 3 years
  • Paying online and signing up for paperless billing

Having smoke detectors, living in a property that is resistant to wind damage, and getting a quote for your policy in advance can also help you save on your premium.

How to get Auto-owners and Renters Insurance Quotes

Just so you know, you cannot get a quote from the insurer’s official website. You will need to contact an auto owner’s insurance agent. You can also contact the company directly using their phone number or through email.
While you can’t request a quote directly from the Auto-Owners website, existing policyholders have the convenience of logging in to manage various tasks. This includes paying bills, setting up automatic payments, accessing policy documents, and monitoring claims progress.

How can I file a renters insurance claim with auto-owners?

To file a claim with Auto-Owners, reach out to your insurance agent first. They’ll connect you with an insurance adjuster, who’ll set up a time to check your claim. Once they review everything, they’ll process your claim payment. Top of Form

Why should I choose Auto-Owners insurance?

For over 160 years, Auto-Owners Insurance has been safeguarding families with a range of insurance options. As a mutual insurance company, it provides auto, home, business, and life insurance through independent agents.

With more than $6 billion in written premiums and $20.1 billion in assets, Auto-Owners ranks as the 17th-largest insurance company in the U.S. Operating in 26 states, including Utah, it relies on a vast network of over 47,000 licensed agents to offer various insurance lines, such as life, home, renters, auto, and business coverage.