7 Things You Can Do with ChatGPT

If you have a ChatGPT account but aren’t sure how to use it, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll be discussing 7 things you can do with your ChatGPT account. In the meantime, it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t heard of ChatGPT if you have any access to the digital world unless you’ve been completely isolated without any exposure to the internet. Even if you haven’t used it, you might have come across some passing comments about it. ChatGPT is a popular and versatile language model that was founded by OpenAI on November 30, 2022.

 7 Things You Can Do with ChatGPT

Since its introduction, the AI model has become widely popular and recognized for its ability to produce human-like responses to text-based queries, making it an advantageous tool for various purposes. ChatGPT can be used for activities like translation, allowing you to communicate with people who speak other languages.

It can also be utilized to personalize resumes, compose original stories and jokes, gather information for research work, and much more. It is a powerful AI tool that can simplify your tasks when used effectively. In this article, we will be highlighting the top seven things you can do with the app for free.

7 Things You Can Do with ChatGPT

In this section of the article, we will be highlighting and discussing 7 things you can do with your ChatGPT account for free. Check out our list below:

1 Gather Information for Academic Purposes

One of the best ways to use ChatGPT is to gather or collect information for academic and other personal research purposes. It is capable of retrieving information on a diverse range of subjects, from contemporary issues to scientific theories, historical data, and any other topic that sparks your interest.

Simply ask ChatGPT a question, which will provide you with the most pertinent and current information. However, ChatGPT’s knowledge database is primarily limited to information available until 2021.

2 Customize a Resume and Cover Letter with ChatGPT

Meanwhile, you can also use ChatGPT to customize your resume or cover letter. If you are currently in search of a job and would like to create a personalized cover letter and resume, you can consider using this app.

It is easy to make use of the app, and it won’t even take your time. Also, it helps relieve you of the burden of customizing each resume for each job posting. Simply ask ChatGPT to create a customized resume and cover letter based on your preferences, and within seconds, it will be done.

3 Translation

Also, you can make use of ChatGPT to translate text from one language to another. This feature makes it possible for you to communicate with others. It also provides you with text in one language and can generate translations in another.

If your company works with different nations or individuals who want to communicate with you in other languages, you can use this tool to translate such languages into ones you will understand.

4 Explain Complex Topics

If you have a topic you don’t understand, you can use ChatGPT. This app will provide you with a clear understanding of the topic. In other words, it can explain complex topics in layman’s terms, making them easy for you to comprehend.

5 Plan a trip with ChatGPT

Another thing you can use ChatGPT for is to plan a trip. This tool works great as a holiday planner. It can provide you with the best suggestions. ChatGPT can create a personalized travel itinerary based on your input in seconds.

Also, it will provide you with additional accommodation options. You can ask the app questions such as budget, travel style, trip length, and a lot more.

6 Write, Debug, and Explain Code

You can also make use of ChatGPT as an experienced or newbie programmer to write, debug, and explain code. This tool helps you locate the problem within your code, thereby saving you hours of searching for a misplaced comma.

Additionally, you can generate functional code snippets from the ground up using the platform. Nevertheless, using ChatGPT to deploy code to a production server may not be the most ideal solution.

7 Prepare for a Job Interview

Finally, ChatGPT can be used to prepare for a job interview. With vast knowledge in multiple fields, it is a top-notch AI tool for job interview preparation.

It can assist you in creating hypothetical scenarios, formulating potential interview questions, providing intelligent responses to those questions, and offering many other valuable interview preparation tips.


In conclusion, ChatGPT is a versatile tool that can be used in various ways to help users in their daily activities. It can help users in generating ideas, provide educational resources, improve language skills, and even assist in job interviews. Whether you are a student, professional, or just someone looking to enhance your skills, ChatGPT can be a useful tool to have in your toolkit.

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