30 Profitable Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria

What are 30 profitable daily-income businesses that anyone can start in Nigeria? There are tons of ideas that people toss around when they are trying to decide on the business they want to start.

30 Profitable Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria

So, for people who are unsure of the business that they can start that will grow to become a source of daily income for them, this article is for you. This article aims to provide you with the top 30 profitable daily income businesses in Nigeria. Read on to discover the right business ideas.

30 Profitable Businesses For Daily Income in Nigeria

In this section of the article, we will be outlining 30 profitable businesses for daily income in Nigeria. Here is a list of daily income business ideas that you can do both online and offline in Nigeria:

Food Restaurant Business

You might not believe this, but the food business industry is on a high growth path as it is constantly thriving in Nigeria. There are many big and local restaurant spots in Nigeria that have tons of people constantly flocking to them. Furthermore, this is a business that is in high demand and can provide a source of daily income for you.

Catering and bakery business

If you have the passion and skill in bakery and catering, why don’t you push that passion into something that provides daily income for you? Not only is this business very lucrative, but you could broaden the scope of just baking to include catering for big events like birthdays and weddings.

Transportation Business

Locomotion is one of the most rampant things in Nigeria and everywhere in general. With Nigeria being a very busy country, people are constantly moving from one place to another. For this reason, you could start a business involving transportation. What’s more, you could get into driving a tricycle, motorcycle, or bus. This is a very lucrative business that also serves as a source of daily income for you.

POS Business

Truth be told, the POS business is one of the best daily income businesses that any Nigerian can choose to launch as their own business. With small traders and more using the POS machine to cash out money every day, you too can open a POS business where you can start earning your daily source of income.

Beauty Salon

A beauty salon is a great source of daily income as they constantly care for the beauty needs of their clients. From facials to manicures, there are various services you can offer. With the way women love to look good, a beauty salon that offers them services that cater to their needs is a way to earn a daily source of income, especially in Nigeria.

Betting Shop Business

There are tons of football fans active in Nigeria, where they are popularly known to place bets to get lucky wins. For this reason alone, there are also lots of people who are actively earning money from this sports betting industry every day. While it works vice versa with loss, you could open a sports betting business where you can constantly generate revenue from operating this business.

Gym Business

If you want a unique business that you can launch to generate a daily source of income for you in Nigeria, you should open a gym. Everyone still rides on the Fit Fam train and wants to get their healthiest body back on track. And while it might look like an expensive business to start, this is a daily income business that you can launch in Nigeria.

Bread Baking Business

Being in the bread-baking business gives you the chance to earn daily profits. Nigerians love all sorts of bread as long as it is fresh, and this is the chance to open your own bakery or rent one if you want to. Alternatively, you could start the bakery using small ovens in a small space, get a vehicle that will help you distribute, and start making money.

Mobile Phone Repairs

If you know how to fix broken phones or their accessories, you might as well open a mobile repair shop where you offer these services. There are people who look for reliable servers that help them repair these things when the issue arises. What’s more, this business is fast-growing, and you could be making money every day by offering this service.


Blogging is a business model that anyone can start in Nigeria to make money. However, while blogging pays really well the more the site grows, you should also know that patience and consistency are required to grow this business. This is because it takes time for the site to start paying you. Nevertheless, blogging is a really good business that you can start in Nigeria and will also do well to serve you better as a daily income career.

Fashion Business

For this context alone, you can start a tailoring business in terms of fashion. If you are a skilled tailor who knows his or her craft very well, this is something that will surely reap you benefits in the future when you turn it into a business. Also, there are lots of people making money every day from this tailoring and fashion business.

Affiliate Marketing

Another 30 daily profitable income business that you can start out with in Nigeria is affiliate marketing. If you know your onions, you could easily cash out your daily pay from this business every day. For starters, you could sign up for affiliate programs, share, promote, and start earning money on the purchases of everyone you refer. However, to really succeed in this business industry, you have to take full advantage of social media to promote yourself and your products.

Domain Flipping

A better way to explain domain flipping is the buying and selling of domain names. Another really cool thing about this business idea is that you can do it from the comfort of your home, as it is stress-free. However, you will need to have steady capital to start this business. This is because it needs you to purchase domain names before you can start selling them to businesses or people. If you are looking for an online business that you can start, this is one of the best options to consider.


If you love teaching, you can easily build a profitable business for yourself by tutoring students. As long as you are highly knowledgeable and know how to convey that knowledge to people who want to learn, you could make a fortune running a tutoring business. What’s more, you could build a daily income stream for yourself just from your knowledge. You only need to know how to market yourself well and get clients.

Suya Spot

In terms of businesses that you can run offline, a local but booming business idea that you can launch is a suya spot. In case you didn’t know, Suya is a Nigerian delicacy that is highly consumed at fat rates by people everywhere. Furthermore, this is a very lucrative business that you can start to generate daily profits from. In addition, you have to ensure that you find the perfect location to set up shop. Also, you have to find a really good supplier that will supply you with the meat you need.

Home Cleaning Business

People are now looking for really tidy professionals that they can delegate the tasks of cleaning their homes or offices. So, you could launch a commercial business where you and your team do a good job and slowly build the business to be a daily income job.

Trading Business

You could always go back to the olden days of traditional buying and selling. If you have products that are in high demand in the market, you could purchase them to start selling to your customers. As a business owner, you only have to know how to market offline or through word of mouth. Set up shop in a very good location where people can locate you easily. Additionally, you could build your store to start generating profits daily.

Bar/Hotel Business

To broaden our horizons, you could always open a bar or hotel business in Nigeria. These are still business ventures that generate money daily for the business owners. What’s more, you will see a bar, hotel, or both at every corner you turn in Nigeria. So, why don’t you open yours as long as you have the skills to handle the business and grow it to the point where it is a daily income business?

Bottle Water and Pure Water Business

This is a business that everyone is now dipping their feet into to start generating profits for them. So, why don’t you try it out? In case you didn’t know, there are lots of people who don’t even have access to clean water. This could be your chance to solve a customer’s problem while making money from it. In addition, you could choose to have a distributor or choose to produce and distribute it yourself. You still make profits from this business either way.

Okrika Business

There is a high percentage of Nigerians who wear the infamous Okrika clothes. In simple terms, okrika is used clothing that can still be sold, and believe it or not, there are people making a lot of money from selling these clothes. This is a great-income business that you can successfully start in Nigeria. All you need to do is start by selecting a niche (underwear, shirts, gowns, etc.) and start marketing to your target audience.

Car Wash Business

While you don’t particularly need any skills for this business, it is still one that you can successfully run to make your daily income. To begin, you will need to locate a space perfect for cars and vehicles to drive into. Then, always ensure that you get the job done well so your clients can return. Most people like their cars to look spotless while they drive, and they often don’t want to do it themselves. So, you can make money by solving the needs of these people and making daily profits.

Barbershop Business

Launching a barbershop in Nigeria is a great idea, as it will grow and start generating income for you on a daily basis. You need to know your onions and skills really well in this business to have satisfied and returning customers. What’s more, ensure you find a suitable location and design a well-visible signpost to create awareness about your business.

Selling of Raw Foodstuffs

Even if you don’t want to run a public restaurant where you cook food and serve it to make money, you could always make profits selling raw foodstuffs. For people who want to get their home-cooked meals, you could always be available for them to come and purchase raw foodstuffs and ingredients.

Makeup Studio

“I want to get my makeup done”, “My birthday is coming up, and I need a studio with professionals that can get my face done”, and ‘I’m looking for a makeup artist for my special event.” Why don’t you open your business to answer the needs of these beautiful women? Furthermore, you could really make big profits when you open your own makeup studio, and as long as you know the skills really well, you could thrive in this beauty niche industry. Also, you could be a solo artist who runs freelance, or you could open your own makeup studio.

Dry Cleaning Business

The dry cleaning business is one of the fastest-growing businesses in Nigeria. With people being overworked in their daily jobs and being too tired to get their laundry done, this is where you step in, offer your services, and make big profits daily. Also, ensure you always do a neat and good job to keep your customers happy and coming back.

Jewelry Business

If you love jewelry, know good suppliers you can purchase from, and want to sell the best pieces to your customers, then the jewelry business is set for you. To really thrive in this, you need to have reliable suppliers with quality pieces and prices that you can display to your customers at an affordable price as well. Furthermore, this is a really profitable business that you can start to make a daily income from.

Production of soaps

Whether it is liquid soap, handmade soap, or fragrant soaps, the production of soap is a lucrative business that you can start in Nigeria to start generating daily income. Furthermore, this business industry is so broad that you can even make a name for yourself by producing and distributing to your customers.

Selling a Recharge Card

Are you looking for a business where you can earn daily profits? Then, you should consider doing business selling recharge cards. You could either decide to sell it wholesale or as a retailer to final customers. What’s more, it is a lucrative business that is very profitable in Nigeria.

Egg wholesale/Retail

The selling of eggs traces back to poultry farming, and believe it or not, there are people making money every day supplying eggs. So, if you want to start and thrive in this business, you will begin by looking for reliable distributors that will supply them in large quantities to you. Next, you can start marketing your business and also supply to vendors. This is a profitable business to launch in Nigeria.

Production of Plantain Chips

Another profitable daily income business that you can start in Nigeria is the production and sale of plantain chips. What’s more, this business is so simple to start that you can even do it from the comfort of your kitchen. If you want to start distributing, you could put your company’s name on the chips and start supplying to other vendors as well.


In conclusion, while there are several profitable businesses in Nigeria to opt in for the above are 30 Profitable Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria.