25 Profitable Businesses To Start With 100k In Nigeria

What are the top 25 profitable businesses to start with in Nigeria? With the economy of the country, Nigeria, many have made the decision to start their own profitable business where they not only solve people’s problems but also make profits while doing it. However, there are people who are still curious about the type of business they can start with the sum of 100k in Nigeria.

25 Profitable Businesses To Start With 100k In Nigeria

While there is hope they can get more, the sum of 100k is a reasonable sum of money that can help you get started with business ventures that can turn profitable. If you are looking for business ideas that you can start with the sum of 100k, read this article to get more ideas that you can flow with. We’ve compiled the top 25 Profitable Businesses To Start With 100k In Nigeria. Check out the next outline below.

25 Profitable Businesses To Start With 100k In Nigeria

In this section of the article, we will be outlining the top 25 profitable businesses to start with 100k in Nigeria. Here is a list of profitable business ideas that you can start in Nigeria with 100k:

Production of Hand Sanitizers

Even if we have passed the age of the fearsome Coronavirus era, there are still people who are still into sanitizing their hands. This could easily become a profitable business idea that you can launch. If you are interested in something like this, you can get into the production of hand sanitizers and sell them to customers. Furthermore, you can either decide to sell it in large quantities to local vendors, cleaning companies, and so on. With 100k, you can go a long way in this business.

Laundry Services

With all the ‘big men and women’ who are running their 9–5 daily jobs, most of them would appreciate a service that offers to do their laundry for them. So, a really good business idea that you can launch with the sum of 100k, is laundry services. With the money, you could get a suitable washing machine that gets the job done, cleaning products, and so on.

Even if others wish to launder their ceremonial clothes, professional or casual, this is still a really good business that you can start to make money in. As long as you have the time and get the job done properly, you will see good rewards.

Computer Repair

If you are skilled in the area of fixing broken computer systems or are very knowledgeable about the work, you can start a business doing this. Even if you don’t know how to do this work, you could invest a little money to learn the skill. Furthermore, this business, once you know the craft, can help you fetch lots of profits when you solve the tech job that your customers don’t understand. Moreover, this is a business idea that has high demands, and you could locate yourself in a destination that has people.

Graphic Design Service

Another great service that you can offer to a large mass of people as a business is graphic design. In this digital age where everyone wants an attractive design they can use to pass across messages and whatnot, you could be of great service when you offer them your intellectual skill of graphic design, all with a charge. Furthermore, you can choose to enhance your brand by offering your services not only to individuals but to large companies as well.

Beauty Salon

A really fast-growing business in Nigeria is the beauty industry. Not only is it successfully thriving, but it is also in high demand, as far as a lot of people are concerned. So, with a startup capital of 100,000, you could launch a beauty salon brand and offer services like nail care, skincare treatments, and so on.

Fashion Boutique

If you know you are interested in the world of fashion, a great business idea you can launch is a fashion boutique. In Nigeria, everyone has their own taste in fashion. So, why don’t you open a boutique where you can display fashionable pieces, either modern or native, for people to purchase? With 100k, you can get a lot of things to start with; arrange them all in an appealing display and market them to your target audience.


Another great business that you can start with 100k is a photography business. You could learn all the photography techniques and skills that will make your work stand out. Nevertheless, if you are already skilled in this field, then you can proceed to launch a business, providing services to events, weddings, photoshoots, and more.

Foodstuff Business

One of the top 25 Profitable Businesses To Start With 100k In Nigeria is Foodstruff business. As we already know, the food business is a lucrative business that thrives really well in Nigeria. Still, even if you don’t want to go all out, you can still sell foodstuffs that are raw to people as a business. Indeed, people will come to purchase ingredients that they will use to prepare meals. Furthermore, a sum of 100k can launch this business, if you purchase quality raw foodstuffs to sell in Nigeria.

Fruit Selling

Do you want to know a good business that you can start with 100k in Nigeria? Fruit selling! Not only is this business lucrative, but with everyone being extremely health-conscious these days, this is a business that could potentially grow and become in high demand. So, if you want to promote an organic brand, you can start by looking for a reliable supplier that supplies fresh fruits, looking for a good location, and setting up shop.

Frozen Food Business

Another great business that is fast-growing in Nigeria is the sale of frozen foods. If you have a shop and a big freezer that works well, this will be the perfect place for you to store your products and start making money with this business. Nevertheless, the 100k is a good startup capital that you can use to start from the beginning, even if you have nothing. Always ensure that you are selling fresh frozen food in a demanding location.

Sales of Skincare Production

Similar to promoting organic products, you could get into the business of selling organic products. What’s more, this is a perfect business that you can start with the sum of 100K in Nigeria. In fact, the production of organic skincare can help you start a skincare brand in Nigeria and also sell to your target audience.

Sales of Bedsheets and Pillowcases

Every single household in Nigeria makes use of bed coverings and pillowcases. In your case, you could successfully launch a business where you sell quality bed sheets and pillowcases to customers. These people always want to change their old bedding and, hence, want new ones they like. So, with 100k, you can source for quality and attractive pillowcases, as well as source for your customers, and start selling to them.

Egg Retailing

The egg retailing business is one that is booming in Nigeria and is making waves in the business industry. A really good thing about this business is that with a small amount of capital, you can start it. Furthermore, you don’t even need to have a shop where you can set up. All you need to do is find where you will purchase these good products and find buyers that you will be supplying. So, a sum of 100k can help you start an egg retail business, which you can grow further.

Selling of Perfume Oils and Fragrances

Another great business that you can start with 100k in Nigeria is the sale of perfume oils and fragrances. Perfume oils as well as fragrances are important necessities that many people now indulge in greatly. So, you could easily start this business, and the startup capital of $100,000 can go a long way for you. In fact, if you know how the production of perfume oils is done, you could invest in an inventory, buy the ingredients, mix them, and start selling them to customers.

Pos Money Agent Business

If you are looking for a great business that you can start or invest your 100k in, you should consider becoming a POS mobile agent. Not only has this become a lucrative business, but it is fast becoming one of the best to start in Nigeria. When you become an agent, you offer services to your customers like GOTV, PHCN, cash withdrawals, and many more. With 100k, you could get a lot of ground covered in your business when you launch.

Web Design

If you don’t have the skill of web design, you could easily invest money to learn it. Web design has now become a hot commodity in the digital market. Furthermore, you need to learn the skill to the point where you are highly sought after in the market. Then, you need to promote your skill consistently on social media and through word of mouth. You don’t even need up to 100k to start this business.

Car Wash Business

A good business that you can start now to grow into a daily income business is a car wash. What’s more, you don’t even need much for this business, only to find and secure a perfect location for it. It doesn’t take too much to launch a car wash business, and as long as you have all the required equipment and skills, you will start a profitable business in car washing.

Restaurant Business

If you are great at making food and you are looking for a profitable business that you can start, then you should open a restaurant. The food business is still a lucrative business that is succeeding in Nigeria. It might not look like much, but 100k can go a really long way in preparing you to start your restaurant business.

Sharwama/Barbeque Business

This is a new introduction to the fast food business in Nigeria, which is thriving really well. Furthermore, this is another profitable business that you can start with 100k in Nigeria. It will help you get all the ingredients and utensils you will need. All in all, sharwama and barbeque are profitable businesses you can start in Nigeria.

Production of Plantain Chips

Another popular fast food or snack that many know and love in Nigeria is plantain chips. What’s more, if you have a budget of 100k, you could purchase the ingredients and equipment you need for a large production. In fact, this is an ideal business that anyone of any age can start as long as they have the skill to do so.

Soap-Making Business

A simple but very profitable business that anyone can start in Nigeria is the making of soaps to sell. Even if you are young, you can still simply learn the craft, start mass production, and begin supplying to vendors and customers as well. What’s more, you can indulge in making liquid soaps, hand soaps, and more.

Home Cleaning Services

Most homes now have caretakers who are so actively busy with work that they are looking to delegate the tasks of cleaning their homes to professionals. If you know that you have skills that they are looking for or previous work experience, this is a good thing. Moreover, you could successfully launch a business of your own where you offer home cleaning services.

Handmade Crafts

If you are the type of person who has creative skills in arts and crafts, this is an opportunity for you to consider transitioning your crafts into a source of income for you. You only have to create unique pieces that are eye-catching. Examples of such crafts include personalized gifts, jewelry, beads, fascinators and hats, home décor items, and so on.

Pet Care Services

If you love animals and love caring for animals and taking care of their needs, this gives birth to the fantastic idea of opening a business for pet care services. While it doesn’t mean you should open a zoo, it does mean you help pet owners care for the needs of their pets when needed. What’s more, the sum of 100k can help you purchase vital equipment that can help you run your business more smoothly.

Mobile Phone Accessories

If you want to sell cute, luxury, and quality accessories for mobile phones, this is a great business that you can easily launch with the sum of 100k in Nigeria. What’s more, this is a growing business industry, and you can sell a variety of accessories, from phone cases, chargers, sound systems, headphones, and earphones.


The above are the top 25 profitable businesses ideas that you can start in Nigeria for the sum of 100k. In conclusion, you need to know that while all these are businesses that anyone with startup capital can launch, most of them require proper promotion with the help of social media.