13 Good Movies on Netflix to Watch this 2022 December

13 Good Movies on Netflix to Watch this 2022 December – You might be wondering about the best movies that you can stream this Christmas. Even more, you now have Netflix to solve your needs. Netflix now has tons of various movies that are both familiar and new every year. If you are in any way looking for the best movies to watch with your loved ones this December, there will be a list of movies in this article that you can select from. Well, luckily for you, Netflix has got you covered this December.

13 Good Movies on Netflix to Watch this 2022 December

13 Good Movies on Netflix to Watch this 2022 December

If you are looking for the best movies that you can watch on Netflix this December 2022, here is a list of them:

Bad Trip

This movie is about two friends, namely Bud and Chris, who get on a road trip just so that Chris could tell his high school crush of his feelings for her.  However, they encounter many challenges that transition from one hit to another. It shows comedic scenes and more.


A young street magician has to quickly uses every trick he knows to defend himself and his sister. This is because he becomes caught up in a scuffle with a dangerous drug supplier. This movie is really great with its Thriller, Science Fiction, Drama, and action genre. What’s more, it has won the hearts of many audiences and would make your Christmas.


It has the genre, Drama, Action, and Action. What’s more, it has the storyline centered around the World War II drama and the evacuation of Allied soldiers from France, Dunkirk. All the efforts to accomplish the mission of rescuing the troops are gracefully displayed in the scenes of this movie. It os a great movie to watch this December.

I Care A Lot

This 2022 movie has various details and genres such as Thriller, Crime, Drama, and even comedy. A woman named Rosamund Pike is a con artist who acts as a legal guardian. She poses as this for elderly people so she can seize all their assets. However, her scam plan doesn’t work out and turns into something else leading her newest victim to be the mother of a dangerous mob boss.


This movie is about a mute and deaf girl who is a novelist and she lives deep in the heart of the woods. Unknown to her yet, there is also a mysterious killer who makes plans for her and they aren’t good ones. This is both a horror and a thriller movie.

The Harder They Fall

This neo-western movie tells interesting tales of adventures and is filled heavily with action. A man had his family killed by an outlaw known as Rufus Buck. Hence, Nat Love is on a life journey to avenge the murder of his parents.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

This movie isn’t only about comedic scenes. It is also a musical-themed movie and follows the story of Will Ferrell and Racheal McAdams. They are both Icelandic musicians with big dreams of getting into stardom. Moreover, they are given the chance to be in the spotlight but they have to prove themselves.


A Goblin King who always has plans to steal children, but he is always challenged by a teenage girl who wished her infant sibling would disappear by accident. Now, she has to find her way through a huge maze all in a dangerous magical world. Moreover, she has to do everything in her power to save her brother while fending off strange creatures.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

This movie is about a boy that becomes friends with an older man well close to death. Eventually, the old man dies but the boy finds out that he can still communicate with him through the phone the man gave him. However, a bully dies in an accident after he torments the boy and they find out a bond still exists afterward.

Over The Moon

A young animated girl named Fei Fei loses her mother and grieves heavily over her loss. But she still clings to a legend about a moon goddess named Change. So, she decides to go ahead and prove that the existence of the moon goddess is indeed true. She starts making plans with an airplane rocket that will take her over the moon, much to everyone’s dismay.

Gerald’s Game

The Gerald’s game movie tells the story of two couples who go to a lake house to try and work on their relationship. Gerald, the husband, hopes to spice up their relationship and work out his sexual fantasy. However, before anything can move on even further, he collapses from a heart attack and dies Now, the wife has to do everything she can to survive her trap and mental mind.

Tick, Tick…. Boom!

The musical film follows the drama of Larson’s struggles to make it to the stage doing the rock musical he so much loves. He has been working on it for years and juggles all that with friendships, love, professional pressure, personal experiences, and so on. You might be interested in watching this great movie based in New York City.


I will be concluding this movie list of the best movie to come out this 2022, Wednesday. If you have.t watched this movie yet, that’s perfect. You can now stream it this December 2022 on Netflix. Wednesday is about a gothic girl who says all her comedic insults with a straight face. Hailing from the well-known Addams family, she moves to Nevermore where she has to solve the mystery and deal with monsters and murders. You simply have to stream this movie as it’s the best.

These are 13 good movies on Netflix that you can watch this December 2022. Netflix has you covered and you only have to ensure that you sit back and enjoy your holidays with some good movies.