13 Good Movies on Apple Tv Plus to Watch this 2022 December

What are 13 Good Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this 2022 December? If you are wondering just what you need to stream on the movie platform, this article has you covered. Christmas is drawing nearer and the urge to select the best movies might seem heavy and you could be indecisive. Luckily, Apple TV Plus doesn’t disappoint and they have their platform ready with the best movies available.

13 Good Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this 2022 December

Furthermore, you only have to read this article and the list of movies here to decide the best movies that you can watch. Relax and read this post as it has what you need and the answers ready.

13 Good Movies on Apple TV Plus to Watch this 2022 December

December isn’t that time of the month if you aren’t doing something fun. There are tons of good movies that you can now watch on Apple TV Plus and this will vibe up your month. Here are 13 good movies that you can watch on Apple TV Plus this December:


This is a Christmas holiday movie that is more of a Charles Dicken Movie made modern. Will Ferrell is a man who decides to do a great job of being the Ghost of Christmas while struggling with the huge business mogul.


This is about a former soldier who tries to settle back into her old life in New Orleans after she returns home. It also depicts the struggles that follow and the connections formed. Great movie recommendation to also settle back and watch.

Twas The Night Before Christmas

A holiday decorator who is eccentric and goes by the name Jeremy Morris is tasked with a legal case. Moreover, it shows the strain and struggle of what a family gathering looks like and how it’s dealt with. You might need the popcorn for this one.

Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me

What a great way to have our pop star grace our TV screen this holiday with this wonderful documentary.  This movie depicts the everyday life of Selene Gomez as a regular human being and how she displays her most authentic self. This movie is both raw and intimate and is sure to leave you satisfied with all it presents.


Tom Hanks comes through again and delivers yet another banger to the Television Screen with this movie. Hanks plays the role of a robotics engineer, who builds a robot just to take care of his dog when he passes away. It is sure to show you the vulnerable sides of humanity despite the engines that the movie is clearly about.

The Sky Is Everywhere

The main character is a 17 years old girl who is a musical prodigy and grieves heavily for the death of her sister. Furthermore, this movie shows all the sides involved and just how compelling the art of songwriting could be. It also tells the secrets of growing up and all the feelings of adolescence.


The movie ‘Palmer’ is about a 7-year-old son and the bond he shares with his neighbor, Palmer, who is a former football star athlete. Moreover, it tells the tale of rebuilding your life after mistakes. It is a must-watch movie and is quite reflective.


Sidney is a documentary film showing the life of the activist filmmaker and actor, Sidney Poiter. Produced by Oprah Winfrey, you will watch the growing impact of his career and the legacy he made in the industry. Of course, you should add it to your watchlist right now.

Cha Cha Real Smooth

This movie is one of Apple TV Plus’ Original movies after the last impressive hit they had. This is a movie that is focused on all of the characters and their budding kindness. Also, it’s about a recent college graduate who makes a connection with a high schooler.


You need to watch this movie if you haven’t watched it yet and you need to do this fast. This movie was the best Picture Winner in 2021. This movie paints a picture of a young person who grows up in a community with various perspectives that are not often shown in movies.


Now, this is one great animation that you need to watch this December for Christmas.  This is a movie about the unluckiest person in the world known as Sam Greenfield. It has a similar taste to the animated movie, Encanto, but it has its own storyline.

The Tragedy Of Macbeth

This is kind of a Shakespeare-themed movie. If that threw you off, you don’t have to worry at all. This movie is really good and is cast with amazing visuals thrown in. You might want to sit back and dwell on this classic movie based on various emotions.

The Mosquito Coast

A man named Alliefox has to move his family for a dangerous, adrenaline-pumping quest from Mexico to the US. No matter how the film ends, you might start streaming this movie on Apple TV Plus this December. It is that good a movie.

You can already tell from the few movies mentioned in the list that Apple TV plus already has you covered for December. These are 13 good movies that you can watch this December 2022.