Zoom Whiteboard – How to Use Whiteboard in Zoom Meetings

How to use Whiteboard in Zoom Meetings: Zoom is one of the best platforms that give distant schooling and meetings very easy with the whiteboard feature. However, Zoom whiteboard is a feature that allows users to create a digital whiteboard in which you can make notes, draw, and make any other types of annotations. Also, thus explain better with a medium whereby a presenter can give viewers a visual representation to explain better. Where everyone in an organization or team can participate with the tool as a collaborative tool for everyone. And can be saved as a PNG file where you could go back to it for future references.

Zoom Whiteboard - How to Use Whiteboard in Zoom Meetings

Zoom whiteboard allows users to be creative with making annotations and share information within organizations or teams. However, Zoom is one of the favorite video conferencing platform where it introduces the Whiteboards feature. as a handy tool for handouts, presentations, or Game nights or get more out of your video calls. Also, the whiteboard feature is available for all Zoom users, including premium and free services. which you need an account to access or find the features. However, if you are sharing your whiteboard you can choose from several presentation options from the Menu.

How do you get a whiteboard on Zoom?

If you have much screen sharing on, with Multiple Participants which you will be able to share a whiteboard at once. However, users can also see two whiteboards at once which might include your whiteboard and another participant. Which you need to have a dual monitor enabled on your device which you will be to annotate on. Here are a few steps on how to +start whiteboard in zoom;

  1. Launch your Zoom app or the official website.
  2. Open and sign in to Zoom Meetings.
  3. Click on New Meeting.
  4. When you ready to use Zoom, Whiteboard Click on the share screen option.
  5. Select Whiteboard and click Share.
  6. A new white screen will appear then you are good to go.

Can Participants write on the whiteboard in zoom?

Zoom is one of the best platforms that allow you and every participant to annotate on the screen which Zoom has two lesser-known but interactive tools. However, these tools are Annotate and Whiteboard where annotation allows you to draw on a shared screen. Also, the platform allows you to write on a blank screen so everyone can see. it allows only participants or hosts that started sharing the whiteboard has access to create and switch pages. However, Zoom is one of the best video conferences online and app due to its easy to use interface