How can I sign in to my Zoom account or how can I login to the Zoom meeting cloud? There are various ways in which you can access your Zoom account. This includes the Zoom meeting app on the mobile and the official website on desktop. The Zoom login is eligible to users or people that’ve already gone through the zoom sign up procedures. Whereby during the process of the Zoom sign up, you provide some personal information which leads to the process of creating a Zoom login account.

Zoom Login - How to Login to Zoom Meeting | Zoom Cloud Meeting

Furthermore, the Zoom login is apparently a sign in portal on the web or the mobile app which allows you to provide certain Zoom meeting login credentials that enables you to authenticate access to your account. The necessity of the sign in procedures allows you to join a meeting and also host a meeting. Likewise, this allows you to use other features such as online chat, video webinars, enterprise cloud phone system, and lots more. Moreover, the Zoom meeting sign is very simple, all you need is your Zoom account login credential.

How to Login to Zoom Meeting on Web

The Zoom web is the most widely used platform of the services where businesses, organizations, schools, and other areas make use of computer or desktop to host a meeting as well as join a meeting. For the Zoom web, you can use the following instruction to access your account or other various Zoom services.

To Login to Zoom:

  • Go to the Zoom official page on the web with the link
  • Then, click the Sign in option located at the top of the page.
  • Enter your email address and password to sign in to your Zoom account.

To Login with Google or Facebook:

  • Click the option Sign in with Google or Sign in with Facebook on the Zoom login page.
  • Then, you can enter your social account you use to registry to Zoom.
  • Finally, click Sign in.

Keep in mind, another provided option to access your account is via the SSO. However, only users who register for the Zoom meeting using the SSO, Google, and Facebook can use the alternative mode to sign in to the Zoom account.

How to Access the Zoom Account via Zoom Cloud Meeting App

The Zoom cloud meeting app is mostly used by individuals, businesses, or organizations with a little number of people to host. However, you can use the Zoom meeting app directly from your mobile phone to host a meeting or join an active meeting.

  • Open the Zoom Meeting app on any of your mobile phones.
  • Then, navigate the sign in icon and enter your account login credentials.
  • Note: your account login credential includes your email address, Google, Facebook, or SSO.
  • Finally, click the Sign in icon to access your zoom account.

In summary, you can use the Zoom Extension for Browser that works on Google Chrome and Mozilla, Firefox to schedule a meeting or start a meeting with just a single click from your computer. However, there are other interesting Zoom plugins in which you can install on Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes, and Intel Unite to modernize meetings.