ZipRecruiter – Online Job Search And Hiring Platform

ZipRecruiter is a prominent online job search platform, and it’s a publicly-traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol ZIP.

ZipRecruiter - Online Job Search And Hiring Platform

Think of it as a matchmaker powered by intelligent technology, bridging the gap between businesses and job seekers efficiently. It serves as a swift and convenient way to discover excellent job opportunities and connect with the right candidates to fill vacant positions.

Established in 2010, ZipRecruiter boasts a workforce of over 1,000 employees across the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, and Canada.

They prioritize their employees’ well-being, offering competitive compensation, flexible work arrangements, comprehensive benefits, and even unlimited vacation days, all within an inclusive and diverse work environment.

ZipRecruiter holds more intriguing insights that await discovery. Let’s delve deeper and explore them together.

What’s ZipRecruiter All About?

ZipRecruiter is like a super-smart job-searching website. It uses fancy technology to match job seekers with the perfect jobs.

When a company posts a job, this online job-hunting website finds the right people and lets them know about the job right away.

It’s like having a huge network of job opportunities at your fingertips.

How Does ZipRecruiter Work?

If you’re a company looking to hire, you can use ZipRecruiter’s easy template to post your job.

They’ll automatically share it with over 100 other job websites. Then, interested individuals, and ZipRecruiter helps you organize and rate them.

Why Use ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter has some cool features you’ll love. Some of these features include;

  • They let you rate job applicants so you can keep track of the best ones.
  • You can post your job to lots of other job websites with just one click.
  • It’s easy to organize and filter job applicants.
  • You can search through a massive database of resumés to find the right people.
  • The website is user-friendly, so it’s easy to use.
  • They have a friendly customer support team to help you out.

How to Sign Up on ZipRecruiter

Creating an account on ZipRecruiter is very simple and easy, and here are the simple steps to follow to do just that:

  • Go to
  • Fill in your name, and email, in the required boxes or spaces.
  • After, proceed to create a good and strong password.
  • Lastly, click “Get Started Now.”

And that is all you have to do. After creating your account, you can freely browse through the website how you like and when you like.

How to Log in to ZipRecruiter

Once you’ve signed up, logging in is even easier. Here are simple steps you can follow below to sign into your account;

  • Visit
  • Click “Sign In” at the top right.
  • Enter your email and password in the spaces required.
  • Then click “Sign In.”

With that, you will be able to successfully sign in to your account. Then from there, start posting jobs or accessing different job opportunities.

How Much Does ZipRecruiter Cost?

ZipRecruiter is upfront about its pricing. You’ll know what you’ll pay right from the start. No surprises.

The cost depends solely on how many job postings you need. After a free trial, a Standard plan is about $16 per day and per job, and a Premium plan is around $24 per day and per job. 

They charge your card once you reach $500 in bills or if you cancel, whichever comes first.

How to Post a Job

Here, we will explore the easy steps you can follow to post jobs on ZipRecruiter. The steps include;

  • First, click “Post a Job” on their homepage.
  • Tell them how many employees you have.
  • Then proceed to create an employer account.
  • Carefully fill out the job posting form.
  • Then last, pay to publish your job listing.

Simple and safe! After posting your job, you can now hold on for interested individuals and applicants to apply.

How To Apply for A Job On ZipRecruiter

Applying for a job on ZipRecruiter is pretty easy. However, if as a job seeker, new to the site, you are finding it difficult to apply. You can apply with the steps below;

  • Visit the official website.
  • Locate the job you want to apply for using the site’s search engine.
  • Click on the job of your choice from the search result.
  • Go through the job description and requirements
  • Tap on “Apply Now”
  • Then follow the onscreen steps to complete the application process.

Is ZipRecruiter Right for You?

Here are the kinds of people ZipRecruiter is great for:

  • People looking for a simple way to post jobs and get applicants quickly.
  • People with businesses of all sizes.
  • Those looking to recruit teams.
  • Job seekers.

If you fall under any of the above categories, using ZipRecruiter isn’t a bad idea. Besides, It’s versatile and easy to use.

What ZipRecruiter Offers

ZipRecruiter has services for both job seekers and employers:

  • Job Seekers: You can apply for jobs by submitting your resumé. Also, you can find job listings on their website or app, apply for jobs, and even get invited to apply for specific positions.
  • Employers: You can add screening questions to your job posts to find the best candidates. Depending on your plan, you can use “Traffic Boost” to fill hard-to-fill positions faster.

Customer Service

ZipRecruiter’s customer service is available 24/7. They have an employer help center with lots of information on how to get started, set up your account, post and manage jobs, handle candidates, and understand their pricing plans.

In a nutshell, this online job-hunting website is a handy tool for both job seekers and employers, making the job-hunting process smoother and more efficient. Whether you’re looking to hire or find a job, this online job-hunting website has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is The Job Board Free To Use?

It is always free for job seekers but not for employers. As an employer, before you can use it, you have to choose a plan and their plans start at about $299 per month.

However, they give a four-day free trial for new users so that you can test out the platform before committing to a paid plan.

Is ZipRecruiter Safe?

Yes, it is a very safe and secure platform to use. All job seekers can create a profile and apply for jobs without having to worry about their personal information being shared with employers.

This online job-hunting website is very important for companies that are looking to post jobs in Europe.

Is ZipRecruiter Right for you or your Business?

Zip Recruiter is the best fit for your specialty, if you need a simple job posting system that is easy to get started and will get you applicants immediately, then this site is the right fit for you.

It is the best fit for businesses of all sizes, recruiting teams, and regular job seekers.