Zenith Bank Internet Banking Login and Activation

How do I access my Zenith Bank Internet banking account? Zenith Bank Plc is a commercial bank established in May 1990 by Jim Ovia. The bank is a public Limited Company and was listed on the Nigerian stock exchange after a successful Initial Public Offering. The Bank has its headquarters in Lagos and has over 500 branches and business offices in all the Nigerian states and the FCT. The bank also has an office in South Africa and The People’s Republic of China.

Just like other banks, Zenith Banks also offers its users the opportunity of accessing their accounts online from the comfort of their homes. With this service, you can conveniently view your account balance, check your account statement, make fast transactions, and more. The best part is that this platform is designed to help relieve you of stress and it saves time. Besides, Zenith Bank Internet banking service provides an everyday platform for its customers to enjoy the opportunity of banking on their own terms.

Why Use Zenith Bank Internet Banking?

Zenith Bank internet banking is the best platform for people of this nature who don’t have the time to wait in a long queue to pass through the bank entrance with their glass sliding doors, and then wait another long queue to either withdraw money, make a deposit into your own account or pay money into another person’s account.

Waiting in that long queue can cause you a lot, let’s take for instance. If you are a company’s MD, you could miss your flight to that important conference, if you are a businessman, you could lose a lot of clients just because you want to make a single financial transaction. But with Zenith Bank internet banking it has always been so easy making financial transactions.

Zenith Bank Internet Banking Services

Meanwhile, Zenith Bank Internet banking is a solution guaranteed to increase your business productivity. This is by cutting down manual processes and making sure that you can make your payments at any time. Keep track of your financial transactions every step of the way.

It is also a fully secured real-time banking system that provides you unlimited access to your account via the Internet from the comfort of your home, in your office, in the market, and even on your poultry farm. Zenith Bank Online Banking Offers the Following

  1. Secure Internet banking transactions.
  2. e-payments of all kinds
  3. Monitor transactions.
  4. Administer payroll.
  5. Pay customers that have accounts worldwide.
  6. Confirm cheques.
  7. Stop cheques.
  8. Issue drafts.
  9. Pay import duty.
  10. Bill payment.
  11. Airtime recharge.
  12. You can even download and view your transaction history.

To protect the privacy of its customers and from cases of fraud, Zenith Bank set up a high-security system with a state-of-the-art website that employs 128-bit encryption, the highest level of security for financial transactions.

How To Register For Zenith Bank Internet Banking

There is an internet request form that you are required to fill out if you are planning to use Zenith Bank Internet Banking services. You can get the form at any Zenith Bank branch closest to you, or you can download the form on the official website www.zenithbank.com/internet-banking

Make sure you fill the form correctly, then submit it at any Zenith bank branch and you will be given an access code, username, password, and a token which cost only 1500. The money is for the token and any other money you will ever pay is just the fund transfer deduction, for when you transfer money into other accounts.

www Zenithbank com Internet Banking Login

In this section of the article, we will be showing you steps and guidelines to successfully sign in to your Zenith Bank internet banking account. Check out the outline and steps below:

Open your Computer web browser.

Next, visit https://ibank.zenithbank.com/InternetBanking/App/Security/login.

On the website, you will be required to enter your Pin, token, and account number.

Enter your account number.

Next, enter zenith internet banking pin + token.

Lastly, click on Login to gain access to your account.

How To Activate Internet Banking

  1. Visit the Zenith internet banking portal on www.zenithbank.com/internet-banking which is the web address. You will see a log-in sign on the left side of the page.
  2. Then, enter the access code, username, and password given to you by Zenith Bank and click login.
  3. You are required to change the password to a new one. Preferably one that you can easily remember before you can use this account.
  4. After changing your password. You can log in, either by using your access code, username, and the new password. Finally, you can also log in using your account number and token code by the token login check box.

Note that you can only use the token login after changing your password. After creating your account, you can read up on how Zenith Bank Internet banking works.  This help to understand it better. Users are Advice not to give out their Internet banking information to any user. Keep your user ID and password safe from other users and don’t share it with other users.