Zabasearch – Search For People, Addresses, And Phone Numbers

We all want to know what this web is, we keep hearing about Zabasearch and we are interested in it and we want to know what happened to it. In this article, I will be telling you all about it. Zabasearch is a platform that helps you gather information about someone or something. It was founded in February 2005, it is a free website i.e., you can search on it for free. There are no limits to what you can search for on this website, this platform can track a person down and give the information to anyone who searches for the information. The name, location even personal information will be given in detail on this website. It has a really strong search engine that provides this information.

Zabasearch - Search For People, Addresses, And Phone Numbers

Furthermore, Zabasearch is one of the best now and has developed so well. This website was created by Nicholas Matzorkis and Robert Zakari. The site is safe; it is not a database where information are stored. This website is been used by security agents to track down criminals. Many people are sometimes interested in the information about a person so they go to Zabasearch for it. However, if you have made efforts to not allow any of your personal information to go public, some of your information will be accessible. Unfortunately, Zabasearch has been sold to Intelius in 2008. You can find someone on this website even the person’s phone number.

How to Search For People on Zabasearch

You can search for someone in different ways on this website. It is not that difficult to do, you can get any information you want about someone. On Zabasearch, you can search by name, by mobile number, and even by advance searching. Also, you can use the first and last name to search for the person. You will get the information you need about the person. There are some steps to follow;

  • Go to the web page at
  • Enter first and last name
  • Enter the city and state
  • Now click on search

You see that it is easy to search for someone on this website. Now you can search for anyone without getting confused about the first thing to do. You can also search with phone number as we said earlier. The steps are;

  • Go to the web page
  • Enter the phone number of the person
  • Now click on search

Those are the steps to follow. It is not difficult to do all you need to do is go to the web page and do not forget to make sure your internet connection is stable.

How to Find Someone’s Mobile Number

It is tricky to find someone’s mobile number online because mobile numbers are private. You cannot easily find someone’s mobile number online. Even when you try to use any website you know. You really can’t use Zabasearch to get someone’s phone number, but you can get it on Facebook, go to the person’s personal profile page, click on about and contact info, there you will find the persons’ mobile number. Remember you need to know the person’s username to do this.