Yik Yak – Is Yik Yak Still Coming Back | Yik Yak Alternative

Yik Yak was one of the uprising social media application that was built for Android and iOS devices. The social networking app was like every other social networking platform where people can engage in topics or discussions within a far distance. The app allows you to connect with people from all around the world. Another application that has the same similarity of the app is Nearby but quite different from Whisper. Users on the Yik Yak can engage in a discussion that includes writing, commenting, liking, or disliking on stream.

Yik Yak - Is Yik Yak Still Coming Back |Yik Yak Alternative

Furthermore, Yik Yak is a discontinued social media application, meaning that, it’s no longer active on the internet. In 2013 and 2014, the application has a hug successive in the number of people that register to the platform. The platform has a very heavy criticism over the internet based on the facilitation of cyber-bullying. This decrease or stopped the flow of users to the platform. Users were no longer downloading the app and the download rate falls to 76%. Based on the fact that the platform was no longer able to keep up with the number of user engagement. Therefore, announce the short down to the app on April 28, 2017.

Is Yik Yak Still Coming Back

According to reports, Yik Yak went down totally after making $73.5 million and lay off some of their employees has many users weren’t patronizing the application. Currently, there is no plan for the re-development of the application. Based on the fact that the app isn’t going to be active on the internet. The platform is looking for another option in terms of college demographic which enables users to interact with people of the same classes.

Not long ago, the services introduce the Hive which is built by the owner of the Yik Yak and is available on the app store. The Hive app allows you to communicate with people of your class and meant for elite colleges.

Alternative of the Yik Yak App

Besides the use of the app, there are several alternative apps that comes as an anonymous messaging app that is built for campuses. This even provides you with a more exciting experience and engagement than the Yak Yik app. Here are the following alternatives:

  • Jodel
  • Candid
  • Erodr
  • Whisper
  • After School
  • ASKfm

The following app comes with similar functionality as the use of the Yik Yak. Currently, there are so many people on the campus using the application right now. It’ available on the Google Play Store and the iPhone App Store for free downloading of the application.