Yahoo Messenger – Is Yahoo Messenger Still Available

Are you still looking for how to download the Yahoo Messenger? If that is the case you can stay connected to this article, to learn more about the Yahoo Messenger. The history of the platform boils down to so many concepts. It’s was one of the first instant messaging applications which are sometimes abbreviated as Y!M. Most of us are very familiar with the platform. Whereby it was official in September 2003 and the range of the year depends on the operating devices.

Yahoo Messenger – Is Yahoo Messenger Still Available

However, Yahoo Messenger was an advertising platform that is designed as an instant messaging client. Also an underlying network protocol designed by Yahoo. Users on the platform can freely access the platform free of charge. Also, downloaded from the various app store with the use of Yahoo ID in other to access its platform. While being on the platform, you can access various Yahoo services such as Yahoo Mail, and others.

Is its Messenger Still Available?

To be sincere about the platform, the era of Yahoo Messenger as actually come to an end, meaning the service’s no longer available. Recently, Oath which is a partner with Yahoo has announced the shut down of the platform. Which will no longer be accessible in various devices where you can access the platform. In other words, is no longer be accessible on various supported devices after July 17, 2018. But instead, you can continue using the normal Yahoo Mail. The shutdown actually has affected every single service on the platform. This includes being able to access chat, webcam hosting, send files, and even send text messages.

There are over millions of fans who have been on the platform since the beginning of one of the first chat application. The main reason why the platform is no longer available is that recently the mean of communication is actually changed its course. Therefore, deliberate action is required to make the platform more effective by introducing a new to make it convenient for users to stay.

Download Yahoo Messenger- What is a Good Replacement for Yahoo Messenger?

First now, Yahoo doesn’t have any intention of introducing a free instant messaging application. But currently, there are other good replacements you can make use of instead of Messenger. This includes the following:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • Signal
  • WeChat
  • Imo
  • Kik

Its download alternative application mentioned above is also one of the best messaging application that offers you free online video and voice calls. However, most of the instant messaging app like Facebook messenger are also related or similar to Yahoo’s than any other.