Work with Nigerian Degree in USA with Visa Sponsorship – APPLY NOW

Work with Nigerian Degree in USA with Visa Sponsorship – In recent times, many Nigerians wants to leave the country to find a better place to work. And the United States is the country with such an opportunity. The United States boasts of good tools and technologies. And as a Nigerian with a good degree, you can earn up to $70,000 per year in the United States. As many companies are expanding their business, you can get a sponsor for your Visa. With the Visa Sponsorship, you can work in the USA for a long period of time.

That is why on the internet today one of the most frequently asked questions is “’ Can I work with Nigerian Degree in USA with Visa Sponsorship.’’ To get the answer to this question to, follow this article to the very end. In this article is everything you need to know about ‘’Work with Nigerian Degree in USA with Visa Sponsorship.

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Can I Work with Nigerian Degree in USA with Visa Sponsorship

The straight answer to this question is yes. However, you need to know that not all companies accept foreign immigrants with another country’s degrees. So, I recommend you to get a Job at an international company that is based in the United States. Or from a company that is very easy to enter.

You can also apply for Jobs that do not really rely on experience and degree. In addition, if you possess the skill the employer wants; you can get a job offer to help you get a Visa to live in the United States. If you apply for online Jobs in the USA, your Nigeria degree can help you get the Job.

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Work Visa to Apply for if I Wanna Work with Nigerian Degree in USA

To get a Visa Sponsorship and Work with Nigerian Degree, you must already have a Job offer. And your employer must be ready to sponsor you in the United States. Regardless of your Nigerian Degree, you must know the type of Visa or Work Visa to apply for.

HB- 1

To apply for this Visa and Work with Nigerian Degree, your Bachelor’s degree is very important. And if you want to work in the healthcare sector, you might need a license or equivalent. You must check conditions with your employer or company. To obtain the Visa, your sponsor company must submit documents to the Department of Labor such as your qualifications, signed contract, and many more. If the answer, you will be sent guidelines on the step to take to enter the country.

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If you want to apply for seasonal work, you can secure a Job with your Nigeria degree. This Visa is for unqualified and qualified workers who want to migrate to the country for seasonal work. It requires your employer to submit a form to the DOL( Department of Labor) saying there are no employees in the United States to carry out the work.

Work with Nigerian Degree in USA with Visa Sponsorship - APPLY NOW

Available Jobs to Apply for with Nigeria Degree in USA with Visa Sponsorship

There are lots of Work with Nigerian Degree. And some of the Jobs come with Visa Sponsorship. Below are some of these Jobs and their average salaries per year;

  • Front Desk Agent  – $29, 123
  • House Attendant – $27,330
  • Dining Server – $28,441
  • Elderly Care Assistant – $25, 334
  • Laundry Manager – $40,000
  • Machine operator – $36,556
  • Housekeeper – $27,220
  • Banquet manager – $55,129
  • Group sales manager – $50,228
  • Clerk – $31,119
  • Visa specialist – $45,000
  • Laundry Attendant – $33,000
  • Housekeeping supervisor – $26,000
  • Pool attendant – $25,000
  • Receiving clerk – $36,000
  • Production operator – $35,509
  • Laundry Manager – $40,000
  • Housekeeping Supervisor – 29,220
  • Babysitter or Nanny – $29,334
  • Housekeeping Manager – 29,220
  • Receptionist – $28,543
  • Extraction worker – $38,543
  • US Marine – $68,808

You can apply for any of these Jobs from companies offering Visa Sponsorship. If you already have a sponsor, you can still apply for these Jobs to make the Visa application process easy. However, you can search for these Jobs on popular Job platforms like, Simplyhired, or Glassdoor.

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Companies Hiring Individuals with Nigeria Degree in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Just like I have mentioned above, there are lots of companies offering Visa Sponsorship regardless of the country’s degree. If you have Nigeria Degree, you can apply for Jobs in any of the below companies

  • Google
  • Accenture
  • Infosys
  • Deloitte & Touche
  • Capgemini
  • Microsoft
  • Tesla
  • Apple
  • eBay
  • Starbucks

You can check these companies’ websites for more information about this Job offer with Visa Sponsorship. With your Nigeria degree, you can apply for Jobs in any of the above popular companies. In addition, you can check out the above Job platforms for companies that offer Job to Nigerians with Visa sponsorship.

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