WIC Card – How to Apply for a WIC Card

WIC is one of the best programs in the Unites State that provides Nutrition programs for women, infants, and children with the WIC Ecard. However, WIC card which is a California Department of Public Health/WIC Division (CDPH/WIC) Card replaces for WIC applicants. The WIC Card is a medium of replacing paper food checks and provides an easier way to issue food benefits. This is a medium of improving the shopping experience for families in which each family will receive one WIC card for all their Family food benefits if eligible.

WIC Card - How to Apply for a WIC Card

The WIC Card provides a more convenient way for families to shop for Food and flexibility to get just what they need at each shopping trip. However, even if users lost their WIC cards due to been stolen or damaged. It doesn’t warrant them to lose their WIC Food benefits. Also, shopping with the Card is easier than using the paper checks are moving around with cash is dangerous. WIC benefits are provided to participants such as supplemental nutritious food packages. Breastfeeding promotion and support with the nutritional education and counseling at their WIC clinics.

How to Apply for a WIC Card

Every applicant that applies for the benefit and is eligible to get the Card to get their Food benefit. However, the WIC Program is a federal benefit program that allows states to determine participant eligibility. And providing benefits and services. Also, to apply for the WIC Card you must have contacted your state. Or local WIC agency and have set up an appointment. Which you will be direct to the nearest WICI store and document you need to bring along with you. After you are eligible of getting your Benefit you will have the Card and use for getting your foods.

How does the WIC card work?

The Card which is just like the EBT Card is an electronic process where all eligible Participants of the Benefits use the card to shop. However, the Food benefits for infants, children up 5 years of age, pregnant, breastfeeding. And postpartum women eligible and will be available onto the card. Which is similar to a debit card known as eWIC card that replaces vouchers and paper checks.

Families can check there WIC Benefit balance anytime in so many ways which could be by looking at the store receipt from your last shopping. However, you can also ask a cashier or customer service at the store to print your WIC food balance. Also, you can call the toll free number on the back of your WIC card.