Where is My iPhone

Most users who lost their iPhones have been asking this question where is my iPhone? This can be best answered by the find my iPhone App. Are you looking for ways to turn on the Find My iPhone app on your device but don’t know where to find the App? However, it’s important that you access the application on your device and then turn it on. This is to prevent you from asking where is my iPhone.

You will be able to perform the procedure where you can track down your Apple Device in case your device got missing or stolen. Where is my iPhone can then be answered by the Find my iPhone App. Moreover, the name doesn’t apply to only phones but all Apple devices. In this article, you can learn the location where is my iPhone and how to put the application into use.

In the meantime, Find My iPhone is still currently used on various Apple devices even if the company has updated the application into a fascinating mobile tracking app for a higher version of iOS devices. However, the developer of the application Find My iPhone app is Apple Inc which tries to put an end to this frequent ask question where is my iPhone? The application comes with a multi-tracking feature where you can apply logic in locating your missing device through the required setup.

Where is my iPhone

Keep in mind, the application isn’t only meant for Apple Phones alone, but also for Mac, iPad, iPod touch, and others. This is for Apple users who don’t know where their device is at the moment. As I mentioned, turning on the application helps you in locating the following devices, AirPods, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and also iPod touch when there are flagged as missing.

How to Set up Find My iPhone

  • Access your device and turn on the Home screen.
  • Then locate the Setting app icon on the select where all your application is located.
  • Afterward, you can click your ID and also the icon iCloud.
  • Next, scroll down to where you will see Find My iPhone.
  • Click on it or slide the button to turn on Find My iPhone and also select Send Last Location.

In addition, the procedure doesn’t require you to install the application from the Apple App Store except you’re using iOS 8 and low. Then you’re required to visit the Apple store and get the application installed on your devices.

How to Locate Your Missing Apple Devices

In general, you must have checked out the outline below about “Where is My iPhone”. This will help you to make clear if you have already turned on the application before misplacing your devices.

  • Once, that is correct you can visit the link www.icloud.com/find,
  • Enter your Apple ID and follow the instruction given to you to recover the location of your missing devices.

Above all, you can make use of your friend’s Phones to locate your devices as well. Without much stress, ensure the application is already set up. Then you can open the application and set up the requirement needed to continue the search.

Afterward, select the option Devices, and you can see different kinds of devices linked to your Apple ID. All, that’s needed includes selecting the missing devices and use the Location Service to get the main area where your Apple device is located.