Whatsapp Pay – How to Use Whatsapp Pay?

The internet has been made it very easy for business owners to make transactions with their customers. There is no doubt that online transaction is the safest and easiest method to carry out your business activity. Whatsapp pay has been introduced to us and it is now being used to make transactions through WhatsApp. However, this payment-based service allows you to send and receive money on your WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Pay

Whatsapp Pay

If you own a business and WhatsApp payment option is not included in your service then you are certainly missing out. Ever since WhatsApp UPI was launched people now find it easy to make transactions with their customers. For instance, you can send and receive money from your clients without much stress. You can not only send money to people on your contact you can also send it to people who are not on your contact list.

It’s funny how people like queuing in the bank just because they want to send or receive money. There is no need for stress when you now have the WhatsApp pay app on your device. This payment-based service is now with you anywhere you go as long as you are using an internet-enabled device. However, WhatsApp UPI payment can be carried out on any device of your choice.

How does Payment Through WhatsApp work?

Payments through WhatsApp pay works like magic and if you have the app then you are in luck. Having a healthy business transaction with your client is very important. So to have a successful business you have to make your clients comfortable and free from stress. This is where WhatsApp paid version comes in it helps you to make seamless business transactions with your customers. However, if you need to make a payment using your WhatsApp application just make use of the payment button which is located next to the attachments button in the text box chats.

How do I Use to Pay on Whatsapp?

Very simple, the WhatsApp pay process is so easy and simple that you don’t need anyone’s assistance. But first to make use of WhatsApp pay you have to download the app on your device. Once you have it on your device you can send money directly through chat by tapping on the share file icon and selecting payment? However, you can find the payment section on the shortcut menu and you can also check your transaction history and account details on this same menu. The payment system works closely with the UPI where fund transfers can be initiated without having to provide your bank details and account number.

How do I Register for WhatsApp payment USA?

If you own a business and you don’t know how to register for WhatsApp pay then you are in the right place. However, before you register make sure you have an internet-enabled device, the WhatsApp app installed on your phone. Once you have these you can now follow the steps below.

  • First, open the WhatsApp pay app on your device
  • Once it is open, click on the three vertical dots menu shown at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the Payment option after that
  • Click on the Add payment method option
  • Now select the bank in which you have an account with
  • After this, your phone number will be verified by WhatsApp
  • Then it will display your selected bank account
  • Next, tap on your bank account and Click Done

Once you have completed this process you will be given your UPI ID. Your payment history and linked bank accounts. Please note that if you are an Android user you need to download and install the latest version of WhatsApp which is Android 2.21.17 to get WhatsApp pay on your device.

How do I Send Money through the WhatsApp Payment Link?

Now that you have registered for WhatsApp pay the next step is to start making transactions on it. Just like I said transaction on this platform is very easy and stress-free. However, if you need to send money through the app follow these steps below.

  • As usual, you have to open the WhatsApp app on your device.
  • Then open the chat of the person you wish to send money to.
  • After that click on the attachment, button located near the chatbox.
  • Now, click on the Payment option.
  • Enter the required amount you wish to send.
  • Click on the Send button immediately after that.

Finally, put in your UPI PIN to approve and confirm the payment where you will see a tick on your phone screen once the payment has been successful. Quick one, you can only send money to those contacts that have registered for WhatsApp pay. But if you try to send money to a contact that does not have the service you will receive an option to contact the user to enable WhatsApp payments.