Viber Web – How to Use Viber on Web

Viber web is the latest internet sensation that allows you to connect to family members, friends, and office colleagues anywhere in the world. One merit of the Viber online platform is that it is not limited by time zones. What this means is that at any time you feel the need to, you can reach anyone.

Viber Web – How to Use Viber on Web

Viber messenger gives you the chance to choose the method of communication you wish to use to reach people who are in the Viber online community. With this platform, you can make use of Viber free calls, video calling, video messages, and also, and voice messages.

Viber free download can be carried out using android, IOS, or a computer. This involves downloading a free Viber android app for android phones, Viber free download for iPhones. You can also download Viber for pc which is for computers and laptops. The crux of this article is to state all you need to know about Viber web and how to use it.

Viber Web

Viber web is a Viber online platform that lets you send Viber messages to your loved ones and colleagues. You can send Viber messages through text, pictures, and videos on the Viber web. To Viber web, here are a few steps;

  1. If you are using a browser that is compatible with Viber web visit This URL lets you have access to Viber web on your pc browser.
  2. Here you have the option of either using Viber sign-up or Viber login.
  3. If you already have a Viber account, access the account using a Viber login, if you don’t have an account, click on Viber and sign up to create a Viber account.
  4. Should you already have an account and have clicked on Viber login, type in the number you used to register and the password correctly.
  5. If you do not have an account and you want to create a Viber account, click on the Viber sign-up. Viber sign-up involves clicking on create account button which is beside the Viber login.
  6. Trying to create a Viber account involves using a valid phone number to which a Viber out code will be sent.
  7. The next step is to input the Viber out code into the column requiring the code to proceed. After you have put in the code correctly you will be taken to the next phase of the create Viber account process.
  8. The next step is to type in your Viber email and the Viber password. Once that is done then the create Viber account process is complete.

You can use google chrome, opera-mini, or internet explorer to access the Viber web. Once you have sign-up or access the Viber login you will be taken top the Viber home page. Then you can start chatting with your loved ones and colleagues.

Things You Should Know About it

The Viber web menu is on the left side of the screen. Here you will be able to view your Viber account information, and activity and change settings. In the Viber account information column, you get to see the summary of your account information. You also the history of people you have called using Viber call. And also you get to the history of your Viber calling plans as well as the Viber pre-paid credit you can buy. You also get to see your credit balance.

The Viber activity section allows you to see a detailed history of all your activities on the Viber web. You can view a detailed history of all the payments you have ever made on Viber web. The date, the amount, the cost, and so on. You can also see a detailed Viber call history that you have made using the Viber web. You get to the date the Viber call was made, to whom, how many minutes were spent, and much more.

The Viber settings section lets you change your password if you feel unsafe with the password you used to open your Viber account. You also get the chance to change your personal information and the payment method you want to use to buy Viber credit. With this section, you can change how you want to subscribe to Viber calling plans. Also, you can change how you pay for them.