Verizon Black Friday – What To Expect In Verizon Black Deals

Black Friday is just around the corner but there is already so much preparation as everyone wants to make sure they don’t miss out on the unforgettable event of the year. This event is remarkable as this is the event that allows a wide range of retailers to sell their goods at a very affordable price. It is also known as a shopping spree as you get to buy items that had been on your to-buy list at a discounted price. One of the biggest retailers that are getting involved in Verizon black Friday. This is the retailer that deals with a quality range of handsets.

Verizon Black Friday - What To Expect In Verizon Black Deals

Verizon black Friday deals bring the opportunity to get a good upgrade across a range of top handsets. There is no need to wait any longer for black Friday is giving you the opportunity to get that smartphone that has been on your list for a long time. In addition, Verizon is offering gift cards for people who switch to its wireless service, and also Verizon is giving a free year to the AMC plus streaming service as anyone who buys a newer phone on an unlimited plan is in for a treat.

Deals That Are Available

The Verizon offers are always enticing and awesome and so there are hot and amazing deals that are available in Verizon and there are listed out below.

  • iPhone 13: one of the best deals on Verizon deals right now is the iPhone 13, everyone knows that iPhone is a costly gadget as the camera is so bright and its editing skills are fantastic, and if you have been eyeing the iPhone 13 then this is your chance to get it at $1,600. And if you are an existing Verizon customer you can get up to $440 off with a trade-in instead.
  • Apple iPhone SE: if you have already written out your apple budget handset, then this apple SE is the perfect choice for you as Verizon offers the device completely free if you pick up an unlimited data plan.
  • Refurbed iPhone XR: another fantastic deal on Verizon Black Friday is the refurb iPhone XR as you can get it and sign up for one of the carrier’s unlimited data plans. If you do not mind owning an older phone, Verizon has certified preowned iPhone XR phones. 
  • Google Pixel 6: Verizon’s most available deal is the google pixel 6, this android phone is very affordable as new customers can get a gift card for $800 just for switching. This is one of the best android products with excellent cameras and plenty of power. Opting for an unlimited plan can save $200 on the pixel 6.

When Will Verizon Black Friday Deals Start

The black Friday deals start on the 26 of November 2022. Therefore, we expect Verizon to start sales too on the 26 of November too. Last year, Verizon started their deals a whole week early with a flash sale over the previous weekend. With this, it is a promotion that included deals on both Apple and Samsung. And you should expect online exclusives too. But if you want to visit in-store then it is fine too. Verizon stores open at 8 am on black Friday. All you have to do is enter your zip code and check your local stores’ situation. Then the deals will be starting on the 18 of November 2022.

What To Expect In Verizon Black Deals 2022

Originally, Verizon deals tend to focus on big trade-in promotions and buy-one-get-one-free bundles. This allows you to save up for additional devices. Popular deals on Verizon include the giveaway budget plans. Meanwhile, it is a promotion that is available on iPhone 11 and galaxy s20 FE. Well, always put it in mind that you will still need that pricey unlimited data plan.

Verizon Black Friday is on the 26 of November. So some deals and offers are being revealed by the retailer. However, apart from the deals they also offer data plans for an unlimited time. This year’s shopping spree will be awesome as they are so many awesome deals.