University Of Stirling Scholarship For International Students

The University of Stirling scholarship offers £2,000 a year for four years to aid international students in covering their annual fees. International students admitted conditionally or unconditionally to eligible undergraduate programs at the University of Stirling can avail of this opportunity.

University Of Stirling Scholarship For International Students

In addition, the scholarship applies to students commencing their studies in January 2024, September 2024, or January 2025. Recipients of this scholarship will experience an automatic reduction of £2,000 in their annual fee payments. Note that this particular scholarship cannot be combined with any other scholarships offered by the University of Stirling.

What is the University of Stirling Scholarship?

The University of Stirling extends Scholarship, a financial assistance program catering to eligible international students. This scholarship allocates £2,000 annually (£8,000 over four years) to alleviate the burden of annual fees.

Typically situated in Stirling, Scotland, the University of Stirling is a public research institution with a rich history. The University of Stirling, established in 1967 through a royal charter, is Scotland’s first new university in over 400 years.

It’s renowned for both teaching and research, the university consistently achieves high rankings in both national and international league tables.

University Of Stirling Scholarship For International Students

Apart from the International Scholarship at the University of Stirling, there are numerous other funding opportunities available for international students. Below are details about 10 scholarships for which you might qualify:

Postgraduate International Excellence Scholarship

New Master’s program entrants can apply for a scholarship, receiving a £7,000 deduction from their tuition fees in the first year. Moreover, this financial support is open to all full-time, self-funded students categorized as international for tuition fee purposes.

For applicants originating from the EU, East Asia, Ghana, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan, there exists a specialized scholarship opportunity. However, one must complete the application process for the Postgraduate International Excellence Scholarship in both the initial and subsequent rounds.

GREAT Scholarship

This scholarship plays a pivotal role in the GREAT Scholarships campaign. A collaborative endeavor between the British Council and UK universities. The goal is to enhance accessibility to top-tier UK higher education for students in China.

However, this program offers Chinese students nearly £1 million in financial aid to pursue undergraduate studies in the UK. Qualified applicants can apply for diverse courses. Some include engineering, law, business, art, biosciences, IT, etc., in institutions across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Furthermore, Chinese nationals seeking eligibility for this opportunity must have an offer for a full-time master’s program at the university. The application process involves completing the designated application form.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

The Commonwealth Shared Scholarships cater to individuals from developing Commonwealth countries aspiring to pursue designated postgraduate master’s courses. These scholarships aim to aid students from developing Commonwealth nations pursuing full-time postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, it covers tuition fees and maintenance/living cost stipends. It also covers return flights, thesis grants, study travel grants (if applicable), and a one-off arrival allowance. Applicants must be citizens of an eligible Commonwealth country or have refugee status, submitting all necessary documents to qualify.

Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening Scholarships are part of the UK government’s commitment to assisting international students pursuing Master’s degrees. The University of Stirling welcomes applications from candidates in any Chevening-eligible country and across a diverse range of subjects.

Prospective recipients are encouraged to select Stirling as their top preference during the Chevening application process. Additionally, Chevening scholarship applicants must be citizens of a Chevening-eligible country. And also commit to returning for at least two years post-completion.

International Undergraduate Scholarship

The International Undergraduate Scholarship provides qualified students with a yearly amount of £2,000, totaling £8,000 over four years, to assist with annual tuition fees.

In addition, eligible students will be recognized automatically during the admissions process. INTO Stirling students will also be identified as part of the progression process, and there is no need for a separate application for this scholarship.

Honors Year Scholarship

Meanwhile, Students from England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland qualify for a scholarship covering the fees for their honors year of study. The annual undergraduate tuition fees for students from these regions will amount to £9,250.

Importantly, no upfront payment is necessary, and tuition fee loans can be obtained through national funding bodies to cover these expenses. No formal application process is needed.

Students from England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland completing Years 1-3 will automatically receive this award.

GEMS International Undergraduate Scholarship

The University of Stirling collaborates closely with GEMS Education UniConnect. Exclusively partnering with GEMS schools in Egypt, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

We take great pleasure in welcoming students from diverse corners of the world to the University of Stirling. Moreover, the GEMS International Undergraduate Scholarship offers eligible students £2,000 annually (£8,000 over four years), easing a portion of their annual fees.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, your annual fee payments will be automatically reduced by £2,000. Students needing a UK student visa must include the International Tuition Fee Deposit as a mandatory step in the standard admissions process.

Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

The scholarship entails a £1,000 cash award annually (applicable for Years 1–3) for qualifying students from England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.

Identification of eligible students will be automatic during the admissions process, alleviating the need for a separate application for this award.

EU Undergraduate Scholarship

The EU Undergraduate Scholarship at the University of Stirling offers fee reductions and financial support for EU students. This includes a £5,000 fee discount each year, along with a scholarship for the honors year.

EU students meeting eligibility criteria and enrolling in an undergraduate degree at the University of Stirling (Jan 2024, Sep 2024, or Jan 2025) receive an automatic fee discount—no formal application is needed. Furthermore, those who complete Years 1–3 will automatically receive the honors year fee waiver.

Robertson Trust Scholarship

The Robertson Trust Scholarship aids individuals aged 16–25 in overcoming financial and social obstacles to pursue their desired university education and career aspirations. The program includes “Journey to Success,” a self-development opportunity offering personal and leadership training, career access, internships, and mentorship support for maximizing education.

Annually, over 700 young individuals, referred to as Robertson scholars, receive support through Journey to Success, spanning a wide array of subjects in Scotland’s universities. Since 1992, the program has aided over 1,000 individuals in overcoming financial and social barriers to pursue their desired university education and careers.

The program is aimed at driven young people who are passionate about self-development and collaboration.

Meanwhile, in recognition of the financial barriers many face to participation in higher education, the program also offers a bursary of up to £4,250 per year to each scholar.

Benefits Of the University Of Stirling Scholarship For International Students

These scholarships provide financial support to students from a variety of backgrounds and countries. Here are the benefits of the University of Stirling Scholarship for International Students:

Financial Support

Eligible students will receive a substantial scholarship of £2,000 per year, totaling £8,000 over four years, which will be applied towards the payment of annual fees.


The scholarship is accessible to all international students who have received either a conditional or unconditional offer of admission for a qualifying undergraduate course at the University of Stirling. This opportunity is available for those starting their studies in January 2024, September 2024, or January 2025.

Automatic Reduction

If deemed eligible for this award, students will experience the convenience of automatic annual fee reductions by £2,000, alleviating the financial burden associated with tuition expenses.

Additional Opportunities

Beyond this specific scholarship, the University of Stirling extends various other scholarships tailored for international students, broadening the avenues for financial support and academic pursuit. To explore scholarships at the University of Stirling, visit the official website or reach out to the admissions office for detailed information.


The University of Stirling’s International Undergraduate Scholarship provides valuable financial assistance to eligible international students for their annual fees. In addition to this scholarship, the University of Stirling offers several other scholarships for international students.