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UDirect UBA Direct Online Banking Platform | United Bank for Africa
UBA bank is one of the biggest banks in Africa. The bank can also be found in Nigeria. Branches of the UBA bank can be found anywhere you are located in Nigeria. They have brought forward many means to improve their banking services. One of the things they have done is bringing about E-Products. One of the E-Product includes the UDirect internet banking which is also called UBA Direct.


UBA internet banking enables UBA bank users to carry out financial transactions with the use of the internet. The internet banking feature makes use of the internet to carry out its function. So for users to be able to carry out transactions using the UDirect. They have to make sure they have internet accessible devices to be able to use the UBA UDirect online banking feature.

The UDirect or UBA Direct internet banking feature is one of the features UBA bank users highly make use of. The UDirect internet banking enables UBA bank users to carry out bank transactions online. This with you going to any banking hall or ATM machine to carry out any financial transactions.

Users carry out these bank transactions with the use of UDirect internet banking on devices with an internet connection. UBA bank users that use this app doesn’t go to banking halls anymore to carry out transactions. They only go to banking halls on matters that they can’t solve with the use of UDirect internet accessible.

So for UBA bank users to be able to make use of the UDirect internet banking. They have to make sure they have registered for the UBA bank online banking. Also, possess an internet-enabled device to enjoy the benefits of the UBA internet banking.

UDirect – UBA Direct Internet Banking

The UBA internet banking has many features which make it very amazing. This makes it a wanting to use stuff by UBA bank users. The amazing features are.

  • Users are able to check their UBA bank account balance with UDirect.
  • It possible for the statement of accounts of the UBA bank account owner to download to a device. With the use of the UBA internet banking, users can download bank statements in any format.
  • The UBA bank, internet banking is very secure. The security aspect of its banking activities is very high and it can be of use with many major web browsers in devices.
  • Users get to keep track on loans with the use of the UBA internet banking.
  • Users can carry out payments of bills with the use of the UBA internet banking.
  • Money transfers to UBA and other bank accounts are also done with the use of the internet banking. Users of the UBA online banking can transfer funds from their account to other bank accounts. Transfer of money from UBA to UBA account is free. While the transfer from UBA to other bank accounts is with charges.
  • Users can buy an Airtime for mobile lines using the UBA online banking. UBA bank users can top-up their mobile lines as well as that of others too.

How To Register For UBA UDirect Online Banking

For users to be able to make use of this amazing online banking feature. They have to register for it at the nearest UBA bank branch. Another option is to do it online by visiting the UBA official website. The website contains forms that the user can fill with their bank details.

Users have to agree to the terms and conditions have to be able to register for it online. After completing the registration the user will receive a feedback message that contains their login details. Users will receive the feedback message at most after 24hrs of application.

The UBA UDirect internet banking is a very easy to make use of the feature. UBA bank users that have tried using it enjoy its function. So UBA bank users in search of means to which their banking activities should are of less stress. They should make use of the UBA UDirect internet banking.