Top South African Bike Rentals

Top South African Bike Rentals: If you are searching for the best South African bike rental companies, then this article is for you.

In this article, we will outline some of the best rental companies to rent a bike from.

Top South African Bike Rentals

We understand that searching for the best bike rental company in South Africa can be quite challenging, and this is because there is a wide range of options to choose from.

Hence, we have compiled the best companies for you to rent a bike from. Read through this article until the end.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Bike in South Africa?

Companies have specific prices for renting bikes to customers. What’s more, there are various factors that can affect the cost of bike rentals in South Africa.

For instance, the model of the bike, the number of days you would like to use the bike, the location, and many more

Top South African Bike Rentals

Here are some of the top South Carolina bike rental companies: No matter your location in South Africa, you will be able to access and use their services.

 So, if you are interested, here are some of the best companies to check out:

  • Cape Bike Travel
  • Explore360.
  • Ride2Roam.
  • GS Adventures Motorcycle Tours
  • Venture Outdoors South Africa
  • Adventure Africa Motorcycle Tours
  • Quiqstart.
  • Awol Tours.
  • Dirtopia.

Cape Bike Travel

Cape Bike Travel is one of the top South African bike rental companies. This is situated in central Cape Town.

Furthermore, its services have been available since 2005 and are still used by many in South Africa.

They also provide organized motorcycle tours and motorcycle rental services. What’s more, Cape Bike Travel offers insurance on all the bikes.

Rental Price: £75 per day (approximately)


This is another bike rental company in South Africa. Apart from bike rental, you can also enjoy motorcycle tours and off-road training.

So, if you want to explore new places, check out Explore360 to rent any type of bike. And as for the rental price, this is included in your tour price. Or it may be mentioned separately in the brochure.


Another top South African bike rental company to check out is Ride2Roam. Customers can also go on tours to enjoy the best riding roads and meet local people. What’s more, the tour price depends on the type of motorcycle and group size.

The kit and gear that were made available are listed below, so check out their official website for more information.

GS Adventures Motorcycle Tours

Do you want to tour around South Africa and explore new places? Use GS Adventures Motorcycle Tours today.

Furthermore, they provide accommodation as well as personal and professional service to their clients. Moreover, there are different rental bikes available for you to use.

Rental Price: £90 per day (approximately).

Venture Outdoors South Africa

Venture Outdoors South Africa is one of the top bike rental companies in South Africa. Furthermore, you get to enjoy and relax when you ride with them.

What’s more, you get to enjoy an unforgettable experience and landscapes. You can also rent well-maintained bikes with Venture Outdoors South Africa.

Adventure Africa Motorcycle Tours

Adventure Africa Motorcycle Tours, also known as AAMT, is known and quite popular for its motorcycle tours and bike rental services.

What’s more, when you tour with Adventure Africa Motorcycle Tours, you get to enjoy guided, bespoke, or custom tours. The rental bikes are BMW motorcycles.

Rental Price: £70 per day.


Are you in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and need to rent a bike? Visit Quiqstart today through their official website.

What’s more, the rentals you make at Quiqstart come with kits and are quite affordable. Be sure to check out their website to view their bike rental options.

Awol Tours

Awol Tours is another reliable South African bike rental company. What’s more, it is situated in Cape Town, South Africa, and offers some of the best services to clients.

With Awol Tours, you can enjoy mountain and hybrid bike tours as well as rentals. These bikes come with spare tubes, helmets, puncture kits, locks, and many more.


This is another bike rental company that you should try out in South Africa. Situated in Stellenbosch, they offer a variety of giant mountain bike options for clients to rent. 

These bikes also come in different sizes. Check out their official website for more information.

Bottom Line

While there are so many bike renting companies in South Africa, the above-listed ones are the best companies to consider. You can visit their official website to learn more about their plans and services.