Top Best Part-Time Jobs in the USA for Foreigners

As a foreigner in the USA, you may find out that having Part-time jobs can help you fund leisure activities. Not only that but also pay a few extra bills, and travel. If you have been thinking of working part-time in the USA as a foreigner, just know you are not alone. On the internet today, one of the most frequently asked questions is ‘’what are the best part-time jobs in the USA for foreigners. Searching for a suitable part-time job in the USA can be very difficult. This is because you need to take several things into the account. Such things include the pay, the number of hours, and many more. However, we will be listing out the best and most common part-time jobs for foreigners in the USA.

Furthermore, before you start working, there are some visa limitations you have to keep in mind. Breaking the laws or rules may put your status at risk and can even lead to deportation. However, with the part-time jobs in this article, you can earn well for your upkeep. All you just need to do is choose the Foreigners part-time job that is right for you.

Best And High Paying Part-Time Jobs in the USA For Foreigners

Just like I have mentioned above, it can be very difficult to find the best part jobs in the USA for foreigners. However, below are the 5 best ones you can find, check them out.


Nonetheless, one of the best and highly paid part-time jobs for foreigners in the USA is receptionist. Lots of companies are hiring individuals that can work in a variety of settings. Meanwhile, A receptionist’s duties may include answering emails and phone calls, welcoming clients, making appointments, taking messages for key staff, and data entry. The average salary is $14.75 per hour

Requirements; All you need to apply for a Part-time job as a foreigner is a high school diploma or equivalent. Organizational and communication skills are important for this career.

Working in Restaurants and Bars

There are so many restaurants, bars, and cafes jobs in towns and cities in the United States. And I think this might be the easiest part-time job to find as Foreigner. You could work as bar staff, waiter, or even in the kitchen, depending on your skills and experience. Restaurants are always looking for help, so there is a 60% chance you will find a job easily.

This type of part-time job may require good communication skills. Amazingly, there are no formal requirements needed when it comes to experience. The restaurant or bar work is always based in the evening, so in the morning and afternoon, you can do some other things.

Call Centers

Some Foreigners find employment at call centers. It is a very good chance for those who are friendly, and communicative in their computer skills or language. Also, call center part-time jobs are not demanding physically, so there is a good chance if you want an office environment. However, you need to possess excellent communication and language skills. However, working part-time as a foreigner at a call center requires excellent knowledge of products and the company you work for.

Working at a University

Nevertheless, working at a university is one of the most popular options for students (International). In countries like the USA, the only week available to the international students during the first year is working within the campus. There are so many part-time jobs users can see on campuses such as working in centers, teaching assistants, computer centers, and cafeterias.

As a foreigner, working on campus, you will be able to meet new people, have valuable experience, and improve your language skills. You will also be able to read and spend time with your friends on campus since so many students work on campus.

Part-time JobsCustomer Service Jobs

One of the best ways to begin your employment journey as a foreigner is through customer service jobs. Customer service employees are often part-time. However, they are available to first-time foreign job seekers because the training will happen on the job and easy work shifts. It is a very good opportunity to learn transferable skills and enjoy interacting with people.