Things To Do In Lagos For Fun

Just visiting Lagos and seeking engaging activities to explore? Or do you reside there but are bored at home and looking for interesting things to do? Look no further, because the solution is right at your fingertips.

Things To Do In Lagos For Fun

As Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos stands out not only for its cultural richness but also as a pivotal player in the nation’s oil-based economy. Renowned as a vibrant tech and nightlife hub, Lagos offers a diverse range of experiences.

Whether you’re delving into the bustling markets and historical museums on both the island and the mainland or crossing the cove to the affluent, multicultural Victoria Island, where luxurious beach resorts vie for attention alongside upscale dining and shopping opportunities, Lagos has much to offer.

This article will highlight the top 10 activities you can do to make the most of your time in Lagos State.

10 Things to Do in Lagos For Fun

While Lagos may not be the most traditional tourist destination globally, it offers a unique array of experiences. Below are 10 noteworthy activities to consider in Lagos State:

Getting The VIP Experience At Landmark Leisure Beach

Getting the VIP Experience at Landmark Leisure Beach is one of the things you can do in Lagos State. The Landmark Leisure Beach is located on Victoria Island.

In this place, you will explore a completely different beach experience. This beach claims a scenic expanse of sand, detached from the landmark village by a well-maintained boardwalk.

The village is a curated selection of bars, restaurants, and boutiques that provide a range of quality, albeit pricey, wares together.

Supporting Local Craftspeople At Lekki Market

Supporting local craftspeople at Lekki Market is another great thing to do in Lagos State. Pay a visit to Lekki Market on the Lekki Peninsula. This is so as to explore a shopping experience that also doubles as a true involvement in the Nigerian way of life.

This is where craftspeople from all over the world gather to sell their wares, which range from traditional paintings and sculptures to intricate beadwork and African fashions.

Things To Do In Lagos – Take A Boat Tour Of Makoko Floating Village

Taking a boat tour of Makoko Floating Village is also another thing you can do in Lagos. On the murky brown waters of Lagos Lagoon are the affected houses, schools, shops, and churches that makeup Makoko Floating Village, a waterfront slum euphemistically permitted by the Venice of Africa.

The fishing village originated over a century ago by colonizers from Togo and Benin, but now offers a home for myriad different cultures and ethnicities.

Reconnecting With Nature At Lekki Conservation Centre

This is likewise another thing you can do in Lagos. Lekki Conversation Centre is an oasis of green in a city conquered by concrete. It is situated on Victoria Island.

Originating in an effort to guard the native flora and fauna of the Lekki Peninsula, it joins 78 hectares of tropical forest retrieved through a wooden boardwalk and a canopy walkway that is well-known as the longest structure of its kind on the continent.

Admiring The Splendid Monuments In Tafawa Balewa Square

Admiring splendid monuments in Tafawa Balewa Square is another great thing to do in Lagos State. Syndicate is going to Freedom Park with just a 10-minute stroll to nearby Tafawa Balewa Square to learn more about the Nigerian struggle for independence.

The landmark address is named after Nigeria’s first prime minister, and it was here that Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa proclaimed the country’s independence on the 1st of October, 1960.

Things To Do In Lagos – Paying Your Respect To A Legend At The Kalakuta Republic Museum

This is the building where Fela originated the commune that he declared independent from the military dictatorship that ruled Nigeria at the time. Fela Kuti is a composer, musician, and political activist who was one of Nigeria’s most-known sons.

He was credited with the establishment of the Afrobeat genre; he is something of a fable to music aficionados.

Spending The Day Relaxing At Tarkwa Bay Beach

Relaxing at Tarkwa Bay Beach is likewise another thing to do in Lagos State. Tarkwa Bay Beach is among the city’s best beaches and it’s made different by its location. It is located on an island near the mouth of Lagos Lagoon.

For you to get there, it involves a water taxi. This adds to the sense of leaving the bustle of the city properly behind. When you arrive there, a protected stretch of golden sand awaits.

Discovering Creative Culture at the Nike Art Center

Visiting the Nike Art Center is one of the best things to do in Lagos State. It is one of the four centers for art and culture established in Nigeria by award-winning and internationally well-known Nigerian artist Nike Okundaye.

Come and watch artisan craftspeople practicing the age-old arts of weaving, embroidery, batik, indigo, carving, and a lot more. You can purchase artwork directly from artists or enroll in workshops to learn these skills yourself.

Things To Do In Lagos – Celebrate Nigerian Independence In Freedom Park

This is located on Lagos Island; it was built in 2010 to mark the 50th anniversary of Nigerian independence.

The celebratory and heritage site stands on the grounds of the former Her Majesty’s Broad Street Prison. This is where Nigerian freedom fighters were once held before the end of foreign rule.

Now, the park celebrates Nigerian history and culture with a sequence of modern statues.

Learning About Nigerian History At The National Museum

Visiting the National Museum is also another thing to do in Lagos State. It is located on Lagos Island. Consider appointing a guide to get the most out of your visit, and likewise to hear the stories behind the museum’s many statues, artifacts, and artworks.

Look out for a clay pot of the kind that is used by the Yoruba to bury newborn umbilical cords, as well as the decoratively overstated Egungun ceremonial costume worn by dancers during the burial of the village chief.


Lagos is well known as one of the largest cities in West Africa and as a financial center for the African continent. It is also well known for the Lekki Conservation Center, its open-air markets, and its beaches. It is a place where you can explore with your loved ones.