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The grinch is another movie that has so many morals taught to viewers. Nevertheless, the grinch talks about the green hairy and bad-tempered person who derives joy in being a spoilsport and playing pranks on the citizens and he also abused a dog called Max who was wandering and looking for where to stay. The dog happened to come across him and he became his pet. The dog is known to be very loyal despite all the trials and troubles its faces under its master. It still followed him everywhere and anywhere he wants to go.

Furthermore, his heart grew three times in a day. Meanwhile, he lives on a mountain crumpet which is a steep mountain just at the north of Whoville. The movie is a story that tells about grinch and his loyal dog. They lived in loneliness away from every individual of that country and his main aim is to bring about pranks on the citizen. However, one major thing he did was to act like Santa Claus and steal Christmas because according to him, that is the only way he can have peace and inner joy.

What Illness Does The Grinch Have

The Grinch has an illness. It is known as antisocial personality disorder with depressed mood. This was confirmed by Todd hill, who is a clinical psychologist in Halifax and the symptoms include failure to abide by social norms and craftiness.

Why Is The Grinch Green And Hairy

The Grinch costume is also known as Jim Carrey costume was customized and designed of yak hairs that were colored green and sewed onto a spandex suit and so green and hairy is the color that suits him.

Was Max Abused In The Grinch

The max was seriously abused in the movie. Max was a stray looking for a place to stay for it has wandered all around and it happened to stumble upon the grinch lair which was overlooking Whoville, a place that needed an extreme home transformation.

What Is The Grinch Real Name

Nevertheless, he doesn’t have any other name apart from the name it is being known. He is the main character of the 1957 children’s book. However, the book narrates how the grinch stole Christmas and he has been shown and re-created by many actors including Boris Karloff, Hans Conried, Bob Holt, Anthony Asbury, Jim Carrey, Rik Mayall, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

How Did The Grinch Get To Max?

In the movie, it was shown how he got max the dog. The play showed that max was taken as a pet when max scratch an itchy part of the grinch’s back when he could not reach that part of his body.

Where Did The Grinch Go

Meanwhile, he is the only person that is not happy and that grinch is the one who has a heart size two. Meanwhile, the sizes are also too small, the green-hairy, and bad-tempered. He dwells in a cave with his dog max. He only visits the Whoville whenever he wants to play a hard joke on the citizens and get groceries.

How Much Did The Heart Grow?

Researches have been done and it has been discovered that the heart grows three times a day. And then the true meaning of Christmas came through which is grinch found the strength of an additional of twelve grinches.