The Genre and Casts of The Broadway Rising

Broadway rising is a documentary that was produced and released in 2022. Furthermore, it was created and designed to narrate to story behind the Broadway community. It will also take you back to the days when COVID-19 struck hard resulting in the lockdown. So, if you are into documentaries and you are ready to look into New York and how the pandemic affected billions of people over the years, then keep reading because you are definitely in the right place.

The Genre and Casts of The Broadway Rising

Broadway rising also tells and shows the story of the community and shares with us their story of doubt, anxiety, persistence, and eventually victory through these times. What’s more, it was produced by Justin Mikita and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. In addition, it was directed by Amy Rice as well. But sincerely speaking, the documentary is something to look forward to. Moreover, Broadway rising will be available for documentary lovers soon online to stream.

What Is It About?

Broadway Rising is a documentary directed and managed by Amy Rice, an Emmy-nominated director. Furthermore, the documentary was inspired by the Broadway community. So, you will be finding out and will be discovering their journey.

It also follows the global pandemic, Covid-19, and how they were able to push through and strive during these hard times and periods. This documentary will be giving you information about who they were able to survive even during the shutdown on March 21, 2020, as well.

In conclusion, Broadway rising will be telling the story of how more than 96,000 people or individuals lost their jobs when the pandemic struck and hit the economy really hard.

What Genre Does Broadway Rising Belong To?

Broadway Rising belongs to the genre of documentary and drama. So, this documentary is highly recommended if you are a die-hard fan of any of these genres. Moreover, it is also available in the English Language therefore, you won’t miss a single sentence.

Broadway Rising Casts

Behind the creation of this upcoming documentary, the casts also play and performed a really amazing job putting this story together. Below are the casts of this docudrama. They include the following:

  • Ginna Claire Mason.
  • T. Oliver Reid.

Since it is not a movie, there will not be so many people playing the roles of characters. Besides, it is based on a true life event.

But here are the masterminds behind this documentary.

Executive Producers:

  • Wendy Neu.
  • Hallee Adelman.
  • Cody Ryder.
  • Franklin Carson.
  • Lance Acord.
  • Ivy Herman.
  • Jackie Kelman Bisbee.
  • Bryn Mooser.
  • Andy Hsieh.
  • Justin Lacob.


  • Christoph Baaden.


  • Amy Rice.


  • Christopher Cowen.
  • Sam Bisbee.
  • Amy Rice.
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson.
  • Justin Mikita.


  • Ronan Killeen.
  • Amy Rice.
  • Nelson Hume.


  • Danielle Massie

Co-Executive Producer:

  • Sainty Nelsen.
  • Eric Nelsen.

Broadway Rising Release Date

It will be released and available for audiences online starting on December 5, 2022, in the United States. You can also choose to view the documentary in the theater. Plus, you can stream this program on your Roku account by signing in.

What Is Broadway Rising’s Running Time?

The running time of the Broadway rising documentary is 1 hour 45 minutes. This means that you have 6,300 seconds of the full story and details about this show. But no matter the timespan of this program, you will not be disappointed.

Is There A Broadway Rising Trailer?

Yes, the Broadway rising trailer is available online for people who are interested in knowing what it is all about. So, you can check it out on YouTube for free. This way, you will get accurate details on what you should be expecting from the documentary.

What’s more, if you make use of IMDb as well, you can watch the trailer on the platform because it is available on it as well.

Where Can I Watch Broadway Rising?

After Broadway rising is released on December 5, 2022, you can watch and stream the documentary on Roku. So, when it is finally aired, you can sign in to your Roku channel and begin to enjoy this drama.

However, Broadway rising is and will not be available on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Peacock. Therefore, if you want to be able to watch this docudrama once it is available, it can be performed on Roku.