Telematics Insurance – What it is and How it Works

What is telematics insurance? In this article, we will provide detailed information on what this insurance is all about. Telematics insurance is also known as pay-as-you-drive insurance, usage-based insurance, or pay-per-mile insurance. It is the process of allowing your insurance company to tailor your rates to your exact risk level. It can assist in reducing the cost of your car insurance based on your driving habits.

If you are a young driver or have just started driving, this type of policy can be beneficial to manage your costs until you gain more experience on the road. This is because this insurance uses technology to monitor, adjust, or set your auto insurance rates.

Telematics Insurance - What it is and How it Works

It comes in two forms, including mileage-based insurance and behavior-based insurance. While mileage-based insurance sets rates based in part on how much you drive, on the other hand, behavior-based insurance provides discounts based on safe driving. The data generated assists in setting your car insurance rate.

How Does it Work?

Telematics car insurance programs gather data to rate your driving safety and/or track your distance. The programs gather data connected to when you drive, how you drive, and where you drive to calculate your risk level. If you pose a lower risk of an accident than the average driver that means you can save money on your auto insurance premiums.

Vehicle Telematics

It does not matter the type of telematics program; insurers track policyholders’ driving behavior in real time. In some cases, you can choose the telematics technology that you would like to make use of. Note that different devices can track different things. For instance, a smartphone app can track your phone’s use while driving, but a plug-in device can’t.

Telematics Devices

Some common devices used in the telematics systems of auto insurance companies that are being used to gather usage statistics and monitor driving habits are as follows:

  • Diagnostic port plug-in devices.
  • Bluetooth beacons.
  • Mobile apps.

It all depends on the provider; you might be able to spread driving data through a built-in option like OnStar.

What Does It Cover?

If you’re wondering what this insurance type covers, here are some offered coverage.

  • Liability car insurance
  • Collision insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Medical payment coverage (MedPay)
  • Personal injury protection (PIP)
  • Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage

Why Consider Telematics Insurance?

Telematics insurance has a lot of benefits, and they are as follows:

Accurate Pricing:

With telematics insurance data, insurance carriers can price premiums and policies more precisely, so they truly replicate the risk of insuring their customers. Accurate pricing is the groundwork for lucrative business operations and keeps rates stable. Telematics insurance can assist in avoiding the significant rate swings that result in customer erosion.

Risk Reduction:

Insurance telematics makes it easier for providers to gather large amounts of data and develop more sophisticated risk models to limit their overall risk exposure. If insurers do take on higher risk, they can be self-assured that the premiums cover their exposure.

New Product Development:

Usage-based insurance programs can offer discounts for customers by gratifying them for good driving behavior. Telematics insurance supports new pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) programs, which are becoming more and more well-known among customers.

Better, Faster Decision-making:

By integrating insurance telematics data into actuarial and underwriting, the core system, policy administration, billing, and claims, and also as a new action-oriented policyholder portal. More predictive and faster choices can be made, even in real-time.

Increased Efficiency:

With telematics, manual and time-intensive work can be eliminated as processes are automated with precise geospatial and vehicle data.

Telematics Insurance Discount

If you sign up for a telematics program, you will always receive an enrollment discount, which may be about 5% to 10%. You will either download an app or get a telematics device in the mail. Throughout the first policy period, the company will gather information on your driving habits.

When it is time for you to renew your policy, you will see whether you will be eligible for a discount based on your driving habits and how steep your discount will be. Some programs require you to keep the tracking device installed at all times to get a discount. Others track your driving habits for one policy period and put on the discount for all future periods. It would help if you did some things to get the best discount. They are as follows:

  • Avoid cornering and harsh braking.
  • Have below-average distance.
  • Dodge has quick acceleration.
  • Avoid nighttime and rush-hour driving.

Drivers who see the best discounts may be retirees and gentle drivers, stay-at-home parents, and remote workers.


Telematics insurance is an ideal insurance coverage that uses technology that assists in reducing the cost of your car insurance based on your driving habits. It is one of the best insurance for young drivers and you get coverages such as Liability car insurance Collision insurance Comprehensive insurance Medical payments coverage (MedPay)Personal injury protection (PIP) and Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage.