Step Up Scholarship – APPLY NOW

The Step Up Scholarship is crafted with the primary aim of supporting students who find themselves without a full scholarship from their school or other financial sources. This scholarship program seeks to fill the gap for students who may not have secured comprehensive financial assistance through their educational institution or other funding avenues.

Step Up Scholarship - APPLY NOW

In addition, it ensures that deserving students have the means to pursue their education without being hindered by financial constraints. This inclusive approach acknowledges the diverse needs of students . And aims to create equitable opportunities for those who might not have access to full financial coverage through conventional scholarship channels.

What is A Step Up Scholarship?

The Step Up for Students Scholarship is a program designed to make private education more accessible for students in the State of Florida. Also, it aims to provide alternatives for families who find the cost of private schooling prohibitive.

In addition, it offers tax-credit scholarships or vouchers, making it possible for a significant percentage of students in Florida to become eligible for financial assistance. Also, families can explore educational opportunities in private schools that may have been previously out of reach due to financial constraints.

It is particularly beneficial for those who may not qualify for traditional scholarship programs. Thereby allowing students with exceptional academic achievements to access quality education.

The eligibility criteria and application process are essential aspects to understand for those interested in taking advantage of the Step Up for Students scholarship.

Step Up Scholarship Programs

Step Up For Students operates as one of the two nonprofits overseeing school choice scholarship programs in Florida. This organization plays a pivotal role in managing five distinct scholarship programs and is responsible for distributing about 99 percent of the scholarships statewide.

Furthermore, it is subject to regular audits and is required to secure annual approval from the State Board of Education to ensure compliance with established standards and regulations.

However, this states its commitment to transparency, accountability, and adherence to state guidelines in facilitating scholarship opportunities for students in Florida. Here are some programs for students enrolling in Step Up Scholarships.

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship

The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship is administered by Step Up for Students. It offers financial assistance to eligible low-income families, enabling their children to attend private schools. This program aims to broaden access to quality education by providing scholarships funded through corporate tax credits.

In addition, families can choose from a list of participating private schools, fostering greater educational options for students who may face financial barriers to attending these institutions.

However, the scholarship empowers families to make choices that best suit their child’s educational needs, contributing to a more inclusive and diverse educational landscape in the state of Florida.

Family Empowerment Scholarship

The Family Empowerment Scholarship, managed by Step Up For Students in Florida, extends financial support to middle-income families. Thereby allowing them to choose private or out-of-district public schools for their children.

Nevertheless, the program aims to empower families with the freedom to make educational decisions that align with their preferences and their children’s needs. By providing scholarships, it expands school choice options beyond traditional boundaries, fostering a more inclusive and flexible education system.

Lastly, it contributes to a personalized learning experience for students, promoting diversity in educational opportunities across the state.

Gardiner Scholarship

The Gardiner Scholarship Program stands as an innovative “education savings account” initiative tailored for children with special needs. Presently, the program caters to the educational needs of over 16,000 students, operating with a substantial budget exceeding $180 million.

However, the program extends a valuable opportunity to children grappling with specific disabilities. Through specialized accounts, beneficiaries gain the flexibility to allocate funds towards private school expenses, encompassing tuition, fees, textbooks, curriculum, tutoring, therapies, and educational technologies, among other essentials.

Also, it’s imperative to acknowledge that the funds revert to the state under certain circumstances. This occurs if a student transitions back to full-time enrollment in a public school. Or relocates out of the state, or assumes non-full-time student status for three consecutive years.

Lastly, the program also introduces a strategic approach to educational planning and resource allocation.

Hope Scholarship

Meanwhile, Step Up oversees the administration of the Hope Scholarship. This is a vital initiative tailored to individuals who have faced bullying, harassment, assault, sexual harassment, or assault. The funding for this program is generated through tax credits, offering individuals in Florida an opportunity to contribute by receiving tax credits of up to $105 when purchasing new or used automobiles.

In addition, it provides substantial financial support, with scholarships averaging around $7,000 for attendance at private schools and $750 for enrollment in out-of-district public schools.

However, through its multifaceted approach, it emerges as a beacon of empowerment for those who have faced adversity, ensuring access to quality education and a path toward healing and growth.

Reading Scholarship

The Reading Scholarship Program is a funded program that extends a helping hand to parents. Also, offering them a $500 scholarship to enhance their children’s literacy skills.

The flexibility of this scholarship allows parents to allocate funds towards various avenues. These avenues include tutoring, textbooks, summer school programs, and other resources geared toward literacy improvement.

In addition, to qualify for the Reading Scholarship program. Students must be in grades 3rd through 5th and meet specific criteria. However, this includes having scored a “1” or “2” on their most recent Florida Standards Assessment exam.

Furthermore, the program also contributes to a concerted effort to elevate educational outcomes for students facing challenges in these crucial areas. It endeavors to create positive academic trajectories for students and foster a stronger foundation for future learning and success.

It’s important to check the latest information directly from Step Up for Students. Or the relevant education authorities in Florida, as details and programs may evolve.

What Are the Requirements For a Step-Up Scholarship?

The Step Up scholarship aims to support students who haven’t been granted a complete scholarship from their educational institution or other financial backing. To know if you are eligible, here are the requirements:

  1. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0.
  2. Must be a U.S. citizen
  3. Age of 18–24 years old
  4. Fill out the online application.
  5. Letter of recommendation

If you are eligible, Step Up grants students up to $10,000 each year for four years.

How To Apply For A Step Up Scholarship

To apply for income-based scholarships through the Step Up program, candidates need to complete an online application and provide the necessary supporting documents. The specific documentation required may differ for each application, contingent upon the chosen scholarship.

Nevertheless, outlined below are the fundamental steps for the general application process for Step Up scholarships.

Create an Account

Prospective candidates for the Step Up Scholarship are required to establish an account within the student portal. Additionally, it is imperative to ascertain whether one meets the eligibility criteria before proceeding with the application process.

Submit Application

Students are reminded to submit their applications exclusively through the student portal before the designated deadline. Furthermore, students need to confirm that at least one of their letters of support originates from a mentor.

Submit Document

Review the mandatory document checklist to identify and submit all necessary documents for the successful completion of your application.


The Step Up Scholarship welcomes high school graduates seeking to enhance their skills. Participation in the program is entirely free for students, with no associated costs. Scholarships cover diverse fields, ensuring there’s an opportunity for everyone interested.