SR-22 Insurance – What Is It And How Much Does It Cost

Obtaining SR-22 insurance doesn’t necessarily imply that you are poor at driving. However, its providers consider you a reckless driver with high risk. Furthermore, if you gain points from your driver’s license for breaking laws. Being responsible for a driving offense, can result in suspension or be revoked.

Moreover, some states provide procedures for reinstating a license associated with suspension or revocation. However, obtaining auto insurance can be challenging. Additionally, you might be mandated to secure an SR-22 certificate as evidence of coverage before you drive along the road.

SR-22 Insurance - What Is It And How Much Does It Cost

Some reasons you are referred to as a high-risk driver and need to get an SR-22 include receiving a DUI conviction. Also, being involved in an accident without insurance, or reinstating your license following a suspension.

What is SR-22 Insurance

SR-22 serves as a certificate that indicates evidence of financial obligation in the event of a car accident. However, SR-22 is not a type of insurance. It is commonly referred to as such, but it offers liability insurance as a state’s requirement. Moreover, Virginia has a similar type of insurance known as an FR-44. Across the states except New Hampshire, drivers are required to secure liability coverage, which involves bodily injury coverage.

This type of coverage covers the victim’s injury and property damage liability. Also, it covers repairs to a vehicle or property in an accident if you are responsible. The minimum coverage limits for these liabilities differ from state to state.

Furthermore, the SR-22 certificate is attached to your driving record, and after getting it, it becomes a permanent fixture for the duration mandated. Additionally, you could be requested to submit an SR-22 certificate to your state’s policy or motor vehicle department as a requirement for having a reinstated driver’s license.

How Much Does It Cost?

SR-22 insurance is not very expensive, but the insurance company usually charges an amount of $25 for coverage. However, your insurer is the one who can send it on your behalf, but you need to contact your provider to file a claim for you. The amount of your auto insurance premium is determined by why you initially requested SR-22 insurance.

Also, if you are responsible for various accidents or have a DUI or DWI on your record, you might cover an individual for a different reason. Moreover, you can secure a suitable rate for your condition if you are looking for one. You can start by securing auto insurance quotes from different insurers and comparing them. To get an adequate insurance quote or the coverage amount to cover, review the coverage type, limits, and deductibles together.

Who Needs the SR-22 Certificate?

An obligation to request SR-22 insurance differs across states and also has different requirements. For instance, drivers in Texas request to file an SR-22 with the state insurance department if their license has been suspended due to a car accident.

Also, they get a second sentence for lacking liability insurance, or a civil judgment has been made against them. Meanwhile, Washington requests SR-22 for individuals convicted of some crimes who couldn’t settle judgments or drove a vehicle involved in an accident.

However, not all individuals ask for the SR-22 requirement, but you might need it if you

  1. Get caught driving without a license or insurance.
  2. Have a DUI or DWI conviction
  3. Experience a license suspension due to excessive accidents or moving violations.
  4. Owe court-ordered child support payments
  5. Accumulate multiple driving offenses in a short timeframe.
  6. Apply for a hardship or probationary driving permit.

Additionally, it’s important to note that you might need SR-22 on file in the state where you’re licensed if you reside and drive in another state. Although it’s impossible to obtain a license in another state unless you have evidence of SR-22 coverage from your home state,.

How To Get an Affordable SR-22 Insurance Quote

Generally, it’s important to compare multiple auto insurance quotes to secure affordable SR-22 insurance. Auto insurance is sometimes an issue because of your SR-22 requirement for determining your auto insurance rates, and different policies will calculate these rates.

For instance, a DUI conviction might lead to a minor rate at one insurer but could cost significantly more with another. You can obtain free quotes either online or by consulting with an insurance agent.

When securing a quote, check if there’s an option to specify the SR-22 requirement, or ask an agent to confirm that the policy provides SR-22 filings. Also, ensure you are obtaining all accessible auto insurance discounts.

Lastly, consult with the agent about any potential discounts you might be eligible for to help lower your overall car insurance expenses.

How Long Do I Need the SR-22 Certificate?

The duration for which you must maintain an SR-22 certificate varies based on your state’s regulations. Some states allow cancellation in as little as one year after license reinstatement, while others extend up to five years.

In addition, Washington State has a middle ground, requiring a three-year requirement. Also, it’s crucial to know when the countdown begins, as you require an SR-22.

The timeframe may commence from the date your license was first suspended or might start when you become eligible to reinstate your license. Lastly, understanding these specifics is essential to complying with the SR-22 requirement accurately.

How Do I Get SR-22 Insurance?

To get an SR-22, your auto insurance provider takes care of the paperwork with the state. This document is proof that you’ve got at least the minimum required car insurance in your state.

But before you can secure SR-22 insurance, make sure you’ve got auto insurance already. If you’re rolling with an existing auto insurance policy, consult your insurer about needing an SR-22 policy.

However, it’s important to note that not all insurance companies are ready for SR-22 insurance, so you might have to search for a new provider.


If your driving permission has been withdrawn or canceled, securing an SR-22 certificate might be crucial for restoring your license. The SR-22 is acquired from your insurance provider, but it’s not insurance itself. Instead, it serves as proof that your auto policy maintains the mandated level of liability coverage.