Spotify Limited – Overview of Spotify Company

Spotify Limited is a music platform that gives people the opportunity to access millions of songs from different artists on their mobile devices. They provide their users with access to songs online. The company was founded on the 23rd of April of the year 2006. And is located in Sweden and currently has 16 offices operating. In addition, the company is based on providing people all across the globe with music from millions of artists and record labels. The company has subsidiaries like Spotify AB, Spotify USA Inc, Spotify Ltd, and all the others in other locations.

Spotify Limited - Overview of Spotify Company

Furthermore, Spotify company is the largest in the world that provides music to people for free. With over 381 million monthly active users and over 172 million people that are subscribers. There are 27 companies under Spotify Limited and a minimum of 6,554 employees. The Spotify limited music is available in 184 markets and is also available on your mobile devices and Windows. And they include macOS, Linux computers, IOS, and Android devices. Spotify Limited offers people more than 70 million songs with record labels from artists.

Is Spotify a Limited Company?

On the contrary, Spotify is a private limited company. This means that the government is not in charge of the company. However, Spotify allows people to access unlimited music records and podcasts. You can listen to and download over 70 million songs on Spotify. Spotify Limited has also created sections to allow all kinds of artists to upload their music to them. Also, music lovers can download and listen to their music on it.

Is Spotify Limited free?

Surprisingly, Spotify is free to use. You can download it, listen to music, and upload your music to it for free. It doesn’t really matter where you are, you can access Spotify for free. This means you do not need to subscribe, pay, or buy anything on Spotify. Also, you are free to play music in shuffle mode. However, you can skip up to 6 different times on Spotify, Without having to pay a dime.

Is Spotify legal?

Yes, Spotify is legal. Spotify has partnered with the copyright holder of music. It pays the artist that uploads their music on it every month, and there is no agreement for free downloads. But the number of streamers the artist gets makes Spotify pay for its users. A lot of people will feel that it is illegal for Spotify to pay the artists that upload their music to it. On this note, Spotify Limited is not an illegal company, instead, it is a legal company.

Spotify LTD Similar companies

Meanwhile, there are some other companies similar to Spotify. In this section of my article, I will be telling you about some of the companies. Below are some of the companies that are similar to Spotify;

  • Pandora radio
  • Saavn
  • SoundCloud
  • Deezer
  • Amazon Prime Music
  • YouTube Music
  • Apple music

There are many more similar companies aside from the above-listed ones. You can check them out online. Now that you know some of the similar companies, you can now decide if it is Spotify you want or another one of the listed companies. Thanks for reading my article.