Spotify For Artist – How To Upload Songs On Spotify

Are you an artist? Is there any platform that you can upload our music on? Congratulations, you are in luck because in this article I will be telling you where you can do that. Have you ever heard of Spotify? If so, do you know that you can upload your songs to it? Well, if you don’t. I am excited to tell you that Spotify has a section whereby artists can upload all their songs and albums for people to listen to and download. Spotify for Artist is a part of Spotify that allows artists to upload all their songs and albums at little or no cost. In addition, it is available to every artist around the world. Also, this platform is easy to use thanks to Spotify For Artist.

Spotify For Artist - How To Upload Songs On Spotify

Furthermore, Spotify for Artists is a free website that allows anyone to manage their profile and distribute their music. And improve and give you more musical experience. On Spotify for the Artist, you get to listen to the songs another artist has uploaded and learn from them. You are able to post on Spotify through the TuneCore Spotify for Artists app or website without any payment or subscription. This means it is free. However, a lot of us hear that artists get paid for uploading a song or album. Well, it is true, you get paid, but it depends on how well your song is streamed by the users of Spotify. Spotify users are will listen to and download your song while Spotify pays you monthly.

How to Upload Music on Spotify for Artist

This is a very easy step to follow; you do not need to go through a difficult procedure to do this. You just need to download Spotify for the artist app, i.e. TuneCore, or go to the website at to be able to follow these steps. Once you do that, follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, sign up or log in to your TuneCore Spotify account
  • Upload music and add a cover art
  • Now, submit that song to Spotify. Click on allow for a few day’s review
  • Accept and verify your artist name for Spotify
  • Create a Spotify for an artist profile
  • Add a profile picture and edit your bio

Now you can upload your music at any time you want. However, there are no limits to the number of times you can upload your songs on Spotify for artists. The more your music gets streamed, the more Spotify pays you.

Is uploading music on Spotify for Artists free?

On the contrary, uploading music on Spotify for Artist is free. You do not need to pay for anything to be able to upload a song on Spotify. You do not need to pay anytime you want to upload music. Spotify keeps you in a good mood and helps you promote your music. The more streamers you get, the more you get paid by Spotify. You can download the Spotify Mobile app or visit their official website to start promoting your songs online for free.