Smart Locks That Work With Google Home

What are the Best Smart Locks that work with Google Home? A smart lock enables you to unlock your door with monitor access, a fingerprint, and even give pals short-term passes. But with a smart lock that works with Google Home, you can boss your smart locks around with your Voice command. Smart locks that work with Google Home make it convenient to add control and security to your home.

Smart Locks That Work With Google Home

Not only do you get to keep your house secured and safe, but you will also have remote access to your home whenever there is an internet connection. All you just have to say is “unlock the door” and viola. Read on to check out our best Google Home smart locks to add to your home.

10 Best Smart Locks That Work with Google Home

Below is our round-up of the best Google smarts lock of 2024 just for you. If you are interested in Google smart products, you should check them out;

Google Nest x Yale Smart Lock

With Google Assistant, you can boss around this door lock from wherever you are. It’s like having a smart door that knows when you’re home and unlocks it. It is total automation magic! This smart lock is Google Assistant’s pal, making your life easier and more secure. It’s not just a door lock; it’s your trusty buddy, always ready to listen and follow your voice commands through Google Assistant. Some of its features include an alarm function, Remote control, Mobile control, Keyless, Entry, Privacy Mode, and Authorized Access codes.

August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock opens up by itself when your phone is nearby and has a thumb turn for manual use on the inside. But for you to make it work like this, you will have to grab the August Connect Bridge too. It is just like giving your door a smart makeover. This makes it super easy to use, whether you’re coming in with your Android or just turning the thumb from the inside. You can purchase the August Smart lock today at Amazon at an affordable price.

Kwikset Halo WiFi Smart Lock

Kwikset Halo WiFi Smart Lock is one of the best smart locks in the market that can store up to 250 unique accesses. This makes it the perfect option for rental properties. As a tenant, you can have your access code. This smart lock works with Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa. Some of its features include Automatic locking, Compatibility with Google Home, Access codes, App remote control, easy installation, intrusion detection, and warranty.

Schlage Encode Plus

No need for a bridge with this Schlage Encode Plus – it talks directly to your Wi-Fi. It provides a regular keyhole for those who aren’t into using Smartphones, and it works well with all those virtual assistants. Also, the classic lock style goes with just about any home look. It’s just like bringing your normal door into the modern age, where you can make use of keys or tech. and it fits right in with any home style. You can purchase Schlage Encode Plus at Amazon today.

Beat Sense Smart Deadbolt

Schlage is not a newcomer when it comes to making locks, so you can trust this sense smart Deadbolt. The manufacturer made it available in two different styles “Century and Camelot”. And it comes along with an optional door handle to match it well. You can make use of the Google Home Assistant to control this smart lock to perform its functions. Its advantages include; Great compatibility, a Backup Key, a Warranty, and a Low Battery Warning.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Gen)

This is a jumbo version of the normal regular August lock. And it comes with a connecting bridge for Google Assistant commands. Unlike its cheaper sibling, the August WI-Fi Smart Lock (4th Gen) it comes in a very stylish circular housing. You can purchase today at Amazon and you need to know that it is a little expensive than its counterpart.

Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S

To keep things very safe, Igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S doesn’t include Wi-Fi but makes use of Bluetooth for connection. Even though it uses Bluetooth, you can still boss it around with voice command Google Assistant on your phone. It’s like having a smart door that keeps things safe and simple, using the power of Bluetooth for control without any Wi-Fi issues. Some of its advantages include; innovative Encryption technology, remote control, integration with Airbnb locks, and Easy installation.

Ultraloq U-bolt Pro

This clever lock takes security up a notch with its lit-up keypad, making sure nobody sneaks a peek while you punch in your code. Plus, as long as you punch in the right code, it doesn’t care if it’s a random jumble of numbers – it’ll pop the door open. It’s like having a secret-keeping door that only opens up for you, no matter what number dance you do on the keypad. Some of its advantages include; strong Compatibility shared access, fingerprint unlocking, multiple unlocking methods, and many more. You can purchase Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro at Amazon or Walmart today.

Narpult Smart Lock Deadbolt

If you want you want a cheaper door lock solution as well as a good option for big brands, then the Narpult smart lock has the best answer for you. Some of its advantages include Multiple unlocking methods, Voice control, Alarm function, Auto Lock, Easy installation, Fast identification of fingerprint unlocking, and Warranty Service. It is available at Amazon at cheaper prices.

Lockly Secure Pro Deadbolt

Lockly Secure Pro Deadbolt has a Touchscreen and fingerprint. They are designed to make sure you have the best level of security. Some of the advantages of this door lock include; High Security, Finger Unlock, App control, DIY Installation, Voice control, Long Battery life, and Good Durability, This smart lock integrates well with your Google Home.


Just so you know, although all of the above smart locks support Google Assistant for voice control, only a few of them can work as standalone smart locks for Google Home. The August Smart lock, Google Nest x Yale Smart lock, and Schlage Plus can be the best options for your Google Home ecosystem. You can purchase them today at Amazon, Walmart, or best buy at good prices. These smart locks work well for their money. Not only do they work as a smart door lock, they are like a friend that keeps your home safe when you are not around.