Smart Lights Google Home

Smart lights Google Home -Who does not like the idea of using their voice command to turn off or on the light? With the help of smart lights compatible with Google Home, you can do just that. Smart lights are one of the most easy-to-use home techs that just anyone can use. You just need to say the name of the light you want to use, and Google Assistant will do the job for you.

Smart lights Google home

However, shopping for a smart light that supports Google Assistant and Google can be quite fun. It can be very overwhelming since there are so many choices to choose from. Stay with us till the end to check out the best smart light for your needs.

Best Smart Lights Google home

Various brands produce Google-compatible smart lights out there. This makes it very tough for you to choose the tech that will make the biggest impact for you. And that is where we come in to help you. In this article, we have put together the best light bulbs that support Google Assistant.

Philip Hue

Philips Hue is a top choice for smart lighting. It makes your home a lighting symphony. Imagine a hub at the central, directing bulbs to follow your voice commands. With Google Home, you’re the master of your home setting schedules, controlling brightness, and organizing lights in your cozy room. Philips Hue goes beyond the normal light bulb. It’s like adding music and PC sync to the light show, making your home truly enticing

If you crave more lighting adventures, this smart light bulb offers cool extras like a corner filled with light strips, and even bulbs for the outdoors. It’s not just bulbs; it is like a ticket to your light orchestra, creating a home ambiance that’s uniquely yours. Purchase today at Amazon, Crutchfield, or Target at a starting price of $190.

LIFX Mini Bulb

If Philips Hue is ruling the smart lighting world, but you’re after something very affordable, meet the LIFX Mini Bulb. It’s a tiny powerhouse that is more than incredible. No hub required – this bulb connects to Bluetooth directly, skipping the whole Wi-Fi and router fuss. It’s like having a smart friend who talks to all the major virtual assistants without breaking the bank. The LIFX Mini Bulb is a very good choice when you want smart lighting without a huge price tag. Amazon sells at $15 today

Nanoleaf Shapes

Nanoleaf wall panels have become popular among Twitch streamers across the world. Once you have set them up in your home, you will see the reason why. Sold at $170 at Amazon, these smart light modular panels enable you to construct a different range of patterns. They animate them with different colors, using touch sensitivity on tiles to trigger events. And they sync them to shows or music playing on your tablet.

Cync Direct Connect Smart Bulbs

Cync Direct Connect Smart Bulbs are a cool makeover that is ready to light up the smart lighting world. They are not only budget-friendly but also enjoyable and practical. They’re like your cool tech buddy, all setup and good to go with the user-friendly home app. You can save your favorite scenes, set up schedules, and even control them when you’re out. These smart bulbs are ready to give Philips Hue a run for its money. By bringing affordability and convenience right to your fingertips.

GE Lighting Cync

GE’s Cync lineups of smart bulbs are specifically made for Google. They ensure a very seamless setup process and daily operation. You need to install the GE app to install the light. All you just need to do is to go to your Google Home. Once you have set it up, you can control the lights remotely.  And can also control the bulb with your voice command using Google Home on Android.  Purchase at $22 from Amazon today.

Philips WiZ Connected LED

Even though Philips Hue has different fancy and pricey gadgets, they’ve introduced a money-saving option known as Philips Wiz Connected LED.  With this smart bulb light, there is no hub needed! It’s like making smart lighting easy and affordable for just everyone with no extra gadgets required. Purchase at $26 from Amazon today.


Unarguably, Google Assistant is one of the most famous voice assistants we have ever seen. And for this reason, there should be a lot of smart lighting products that support the Google Home system. Well, we think that Philips Hue provides the best smart light for different households. Their systems are very easy to customize and expand. Philips Hue smart lights are sold at different retail stores and they offer seamless Google Assistant support. You can also purchase any of the smart lights listed in this article at various retail stores closer to you.

Google Home smart light setup

Setting up your made-for-Google smart light is straightforward.  You can easily set them up from the beginning to the end in the Google Home app on your Android. You don’t need a hub the bulb maker’s app or a bridge to go through the process.  Visit support Google to check how you can set up and link your light up using the home app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Google Home turn off lights?

Yes, Google Home can help to turn off your lights. Just create a custom routine to help turn off your light bulb and other smart devices at a specific time. You can also use your voice to command at any time of your choice.

How do I set up the Google Home smart light?

To set up your Google-made smart light, just visit Google support. Follow the instructions on the page to set up and link the light to the app seamlessly.

Can Google Home automatically turn lights on and off?

You can make use of the routine feature to schedule your lights. You can easily control more than one light with your voice command.