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ShareSharePoint Training by Microsoft is one of the top leading business collaboration resources. About 250, 000 organizations and 85 percent of companies use SharePoint Training all over the world. As firms and organizations adopt this professional software called SharePoint Training woned by Microsoft. More companies are looking out for professional users who know the in-and-out of SharePoint.

However, if you are seeking experience on how to increase and develop your marketing strategy and business impact SharePoint Training is the right platform for you. Therefore, accessing the SharePoint training experience will put you on the go to your career success. Therefore, I’ll be moving on to the complete guide to learning SharePoint and tips for SharePoint beginners.

How Learn the SharePoint Traning?

Furthermore, the role of SharePoint in the Microsoft world makes it an important tool for everyone from the top to the front lines of the customer service department within an organization. Just as it takes business users years to be an expert in the Excel software. Acquiring the professional knowledge of SharePoint’s in and out requires constant practice.

Tips to learning SharePoint

  1. Start using the software: As a beginner. Firstly, you need to kick off with the learning process. Get the software, use the tools in it, create a SharePoint team site. Explore around it and check for the latest features. The more you get familiar with it the easier the features become for use.
  2. Increase the pace of your learning by getting SharePoint courses: Using SharePoint training courses is another means of acquiring another level of learning experience on SharePoint. Moreover, training courses can as well help to build up the basic SharePoint principles.
  3. Work on your Skills: SharePoint has a wide system with endless uses, even after you have familiarized the basics. There are new features and many ways to make use of it and advance your skill in the software. Put yourself to more tests by learning to create higher workflows, customize security, and many more.

Suggested SharePoint Training Courses:

  • SharePoint 2016 End User Training
  • SharePoint 2013 End User level I and II

Tips on SharePoint Training for Beginners

It takes a process to master the SharePoint Training platform. You have to combine some level of training. Practice and constant use of it to fully be an expert on the platform. When kicking off with the learning process, there are a few basic SharePoint tasks you will need to familiarize yourself with. These tasks will help you with some foundational awareness about the platform. Below are six tasks that will make you more comfortable on the platform;

  1. Create and Share Site Templates: SharePoint makes it’s customizing tools like workflows, lists, logos, etc. more accessible. After the successful creation of a perfect site. You can save your settings as a template so you won’t have to reconfigure it the next time. The features of a template include the basic framework of the website, libraries, documents, lists, and content. On the contrary, templates can be ported to other SharePoint training environments, viewed in Visual Studio, uploaded, and shared with specific users.
  2. Add Files to Your SharePoint From Your Computer: SharePoint is available in the cloud with SharePoint Online and SharePoint server. SharePoint makes it easy to drag and drop documents easily from your computer. You can also upload an entire folder at a time with Microsoft’s Edge browser.
  3. Learn How to Use SharePoint Columns: Learning to use SharePoint columns makes it easier for users to locate information. With SharePoint columns, users can apply specific criteria to libraries, lists across two or more team sites.
  4. Create SharePoint Views: A SharePoint view is the same with an email inbox filter. It allows users to customize the original application view so that irrelevant information can be sorted out.

By acquiring SharePoint skills and introducing those skills to your organization. Moreover, it will help improve accuracy and efficiency for an individual or as a team within the organization. Eventually, this will broaden your value to the business.

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