Security Guards Job in The USA For Foreigners

Security Guards Job in The USA – Are you a foreigner seeking a job in the USA? Is a Security card job fine by you? If yes, then there are a lot of them available for you. And you do not have to be a US citizen before you can apply for the job. However, we all know the importance of security. And it is so clear that without security, we would live in constant fear and threats. And we would also always encounter danger. That is why a lot of employers employ security guards to avoid all these. So, if you are able-bodied for this job. And if you are okay with the job, why don’t you apply for it? I’m pretty sure that there are lots of benefits attached to the job.

There is a different kinds of guard jobs though. There is the unarmed guard’s job where you do not have to hold any weapon. But you must keep a close eye on what is assigned under your care. There is also the armed guard service that is trained in self-defense and patrol techniques and more types of security service. So, you can apply for whichever one you want at any company of your choice that is employing security guards.

How Much is a Security Guard Paid in the US?

The pay you get as a security depends on your duty and your employer. But to have an idea of how much a security guard earns in us that would be shown to you here. According to the US Bureau of labor statistics. The pay per hour ranges from $10 to $24. While the median hour is about $14.27. Then the pay per year amounts to $21,150 to $50,310.

Benefits of Applying for Security Guards Job in The USA For Foreigners

There are a lot of benefits you get to enjoy when you work as a foreign security guard in the US. One of these benefits is that you get flexible options for scheduling. This means that you can choose a shift that is okay with you. Either morning shifts or night shifts, or work during evening hours. That is one of the benefits you get to enjoy as a foreign security guard in us. Other benefits include;

  • Do meaningful work by protecting people and property and even be proud of yourself.
  • Get the opportunity to work across different industries
  • Get access to more benefits with good pay

Other benefits may apply but they depend on the company, industry, or your employer. Where can I find these jobs? Visit, Fiverr, or any other websites that post job opportunities to seek and find any security guard jobs you want. And also work for a big company if you want.

Top Companies Employing Security Guards in the USA

There are a lot of top companies hiring security guards in the USA. So, you can visit and apply for the jobs they have to offer. Some of these companies would be listed for you below, so you can visit them and apply for the security job they have to offer to you. Here are the companies below;

  • The Rockefeller University
  • Kenede Kriger Institute
  • Marriott International
  • Pacific Patrol Services Inc
  • Hennepin Country
  • Arrow Security
  • Nation Security
  • Securitas Security Services USA
  • ViaSat Inc.
  • Allied Universal
  • Outdoor Adventures, Inc.
  • Allied Universal
  • UISGS / Bowhead Family of Companies

These are not all but just very few of the companies that employ security guards. So, to see more of these companies, you can use Google maps,, Fiverr, simply hired, or any of the other jobs posting websites to see different available security jobs and the companies that are offering the jobs it is where you would love to work or not.