Remote Night Shift Jobs USA – Get a Shift Part-Time Job

For people who have children and have a lot to do, daytime hours are often packed with traffic, school activities, sports, and the like. With the few hours, you have in the day, squeezing in time to earn a lot of money for upkeep can be a little difficult. However, with the best Remote Night Shift jobs in the USA, you can earn money when everybody is asleep, all from the comfort of your home. After so much research from experts, this article contains the best Remote Night Shift Jobs you can find in the USA

Furthermore, if you are looking to compare two remote night shift jobs, we have tried to make the process very easy for you with convenient jobs. However, you need to know that these jobs have requirements you must meet. And they will be listed for you in this article. Meanwhile, all you just need to do is grab your PJs, and your favorite beverage and start making money with the remote night shift jobs of your choice. I have exactly what you need right now to make money while people are sleeping.

Best Remote Night Shift Jobs in the USA

Nevertheless, getting shift jobs makes you do another job. Doing two-shift jobs helps you get more money in the US and chase your dream safely. Nonetheless, without much ado, below are the best Remote Night Shift Jobs in the United States and their requirements, check them out;

Rev Transcription Jobs

Interestingly, if you have a good computer, accurate and fast typing skills, and strong English skills, transcription work is the right remote night shift job for you. Also, as a Rev transcriptionist, you will listen to different audio files and convert them into text.  Here is what you need to know about this remote night shift job

  • You have the freedom to select the type of job you want to transcribe
  • You can start working as soon as you take a grammar quiz and submit a transcript sample
  • As a Rev transcriptionist, you can work as little or as much as you want
  • Will get paid weekly via PayPal

As a Rev freelancer, you get the chance to choose between closed captioning work and transcript. The difference is that in Transcription, you have to listen to video and audio, accurately type what is being said, and label speakers.

The Pay Range is between; $0.24 – $0.90 per video/ audio minute. For Captioner, the price range is $0.45- $0.75 per video/ audio minute. And you have to watch just video, accurately type what is being said, convey sounds and Sync typed audio with video The flexible house at Rev makes it one of those Remote Night Jobs in the USA that can easily change as your schedule changes.

Night Shift jobsFancy Hands

Are you someone who loves the idea of working as a virtual assistant but do not like the thought of tracking down potential clients? Fancy hands are the right Remote Night job for you. Fancy hands hire virtual assistants to complete easy and small microtasks for clients. This could be anything from booking hotels to internet research for clients. Because the jobs given are done a per-project, you can set your schedule on your own as long as you complete your job within the given period.

Here is what you need to have to be a virtual assistant at Fancy hand (Requirements)

  • Good Communication skills
  • Fast and stable internet connection
  • Good internet research skills

Types of tasks you have to perform

  • Finding hotels
  • Researching and finding out the best price on something
  • Scheduling both business and personal appointments
  • Making phone calls on behalf of others
  • Data entry

Fancy hands offer an amazing opportunity for people who want to start their work-from-home journey and for those who are looking to make more money with Remote night shift jobs in the USA.


Do you have a skill for conversation? Or do you want to get paid to talk to other people? Cambly offers the best remote night shift job opportunity in the USA for people who love to talk and get paid to do so. It is an online English teaching and tutoring platform that helps to connect you with students studying English as a second language. Here is a little info and requirement about this Remote Night Shift Job

  • You must have a good and reliable device with a webcam
  • Must have a laptop, desktop, or Smartphone device
  • You must have an English speaker from anywhere around the world

There are lots of benefits that come with working with Cambly. Such as setting your schedule, and Getting paid every week via PayPal but a minimum of $ 20 is needed in your account. And the Pay rate is $ 0.17 US per minute and $10.20 per hour.


Clickworker is one of the best Remote night shift jobs in the USA that hires independent contractors to complete projects for other companies. As a freelancer with Clickworker, you will get the chance to choose from a large variety of tasks that businesses or companies need to be completed.

Below are a few examples of projects you will get paid to complete as a freelance contractor with Clickworker

  • Photo Capturing
  • Surveys
  • Mystery shopping
  • App testing
  • Text creation etc

You can sign up for the platform online with your device’s web browser. You get to work t night and set your schedule yourself. Clickworker is always hiring and with so many options, there is a task for you.


ModSquad is popularly known as a ‘’Fun place to work’’ with exceptional benefits. It is a Remote night shift job platform that hires for a variety of remote positions. Such as Social media community managers write and many more. It also gives you a chance to set your schedule on your own. If you are looking for a remote night job in the USA that includes exceptional benefits, ModSquad is your perfect option.

Visit the company’s websites and check out more information about them. Choose the one that suits you the best and earn money with Remote Night Shift Jobs in the USA.