PUA Unemployment – Apply for PUA Unemployment | PUA Unemployment Application

PUA also is known as Pandemic Unemployment Assistant which is a program that is ongoing now that expands Unemployment Insurance(UI). However, PUA unemployment is an eligible program for self-employed workers, freelance workers, independent contractors, and part-time workers due to the coronavirus pandemic. Also, this program is established by some organizations such as the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic security(CARES) Act. Where the organization has a $2 trillion coronavirus emergency stimulus package that the president signed into law recently. Which it serves to provide unemployment insurance to many workers affected by COVID-19. And including people who aren’t eligible for unemployment benefits.

PUA Unemployment - Apply for PUA Unemployment | PUA Unemployment Application

Before you get a PUA unemployment benefit you must provide self-certification that you can work and available for work. However, users must be partially employ or unable or unavailable to work due to a COVID-19 related situation. Also. The PUA benefits amount is calculate from your previous earnings in which a formula from the Unemployment Assistance program is using. Once you are eligible for the PUA unemployment you can receive $600 per week under the Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program. Some states might not be ready to process claims for freelancers, gig workers, and independent contractors. But workers will be eligible for retroactive benefits and can receive benefits for up to 39 weeks.

How do I Apply for PUA Unemployment?

To apply for the PUA unemployment you need to be eligible and must provide some documentation and reasons behind them. However, the platform extends benefits to the self-employed which helps them get back to their feet after losing their businesses to COVID-19. Also, the fastest way to apply for PUA benefits is through Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claim where you can apply by phone, mail, or fax. Here are a few steps on how to apply for PUA unemployment benefits;

  • Launch any web browser on your mobile device or desktop computer.
  • Go to www.portal.edd.ca.gov/ 
  • At the homepage, you will be require to provide a register email for login to your PUA employment.
  • Input the email and click on Login and you will be able to claim your reward immediately.

How long does PUA take to be approved?

When you are eligible and PUA approved which you will need to certify for benefits. However, you will receive your first payment within approximately two days of your application. If users have an existing EDD Debit card which you can apply for the card before you get your benefit. When users apply for the card it might take four to seven days for the card to arrive.

PUA unemployment is available to Individuals who do not normally receive unemployment benefits. However, the platform offers temporary unemployment assistance to those who are unemploy and partially working or unable to work because of COVID-19.