Popular Courses to Study Abroad – 7 Popular Courses to Study Abroad

What are the most Popular Courses to Study Abroad? Studying abroad is a very good thing and it has lots of advantages for you as a foreigner.  In addition, having an international degree will give you an upper hand over others. And you can easily get a good paying job both in your country and abroad.

Popular Courses to Study Abroad - 7 Popular Courses to Study Abroad
Popular Courses to Study Abroad – 7 Popular Courses to Study Abroad

With many students studying abroad with each passing year, studying abroad is something you should really consider seriously. The number of courses being introduced every year. The Career paths for students also have multiplied.

So, finding the best course to study abroad can be very hard and tiring at the same time. There are so many options available to choose from, so it might very confusing. After much research, we have decided to compile the best and most popular course to study abroad. In this article are 7 popular courses you can study Abroad.

7 Popular Courses to Study Abroad

Without much ado, below are the top courses you can study abroad. Check them out, and choose the one that suits you;


Firstly, we can say that Engineering is one of the most challenging jobs and degrees in the world. And one of the best fields across the world.  The courses have been very popular among students due to the wide array of career paths.

Also, the large sector of engineering services is expected to generate different Job opportunities abroad. In addition, Engineers are in huge demand across the world and own about 30% of graduates.

The types of courses that are popular among students are Electrical Engineer, Civil Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Environmental engineering, and Aerospace Engineering.


Law is one of the top courses you can study abroad. A degree in law is an academic degree that is presented to students that have completed their studies in law. Law degrees are for people aiming at legal careers.

The legal license is granted after an examination and exercised while some might be international and national as well. A LL M. degree program includes various subjects like Commercial law, Banking Law, Criminal law, and many more.

Computer Science

With technological advancements in the world, Computer science courses have developed tremendously and are high in demand. A computer science degree helps to build a strong foundation at the Undergraduate level.

A Master’s degree brings advanced concepts and gives good opportunities to students. In other to specialize in a selected area of interest. Computer science course always has curricula in algorithms, coding, programming web technology, and many more.


Another popular courses you can study abroad is Medicine. This sector is a high-demand field in the world and also lucrative. It has lots of fields and allows individuals to specialize in the area or path of their choice.

With the advancement of technology, Medicine has grown massively over the years. Medical degrees include a bachelor of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, and many more

Information Technology

IT or Information Technology is a big industry that is a product of evolving technology and development advancement. Information Technology Jobs and courses are in high demand.

A bachelor’s degree awarded on the completion of a course in this field spans about 3 to 4 years. Most subjects covered in this course are databases, software, and networking. And focuses on the theoretical and mathematical foundation of computing.


Accounting is one of the most popular courses around the world.  A Bachelor’s degree in Accounting is required for auditor and accountant Job positions. Also, a degree in an account may also be needed to fill the requirements for membership in professional accounting bodies.

The degree is very lucrative and high in demand. Accountants are mostly needed in every organization and industry.

Hospitality and Tourism

A degree in Hospitality mainly focuses on the study of the hospitality sector industry. A degree in this field is awarded either by a college or university dedicated to studies of Hospitality management.

And in some cases business schools. Degrees in hospitality are known as Hotel and Tourism Management, Hotel Management, or Hotel Administration

However, International Tourism Management is a degree course with a focus on cross-cultural, tourism covering, and social competence. As well as leadership and professional competence. As a foreigner, you can study this course abroad and enjoy lots of opportunities and benefits.

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