Plant-Based Meal Delivery – Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service

In recent times, Plant-based meals have become so popular, especially among people who want to improve their health and add more vegetables and fruits to their meals. Plant-based meals have many benefits to our health and it enriches our bodies. Unfortunately, preparing plant-based meals can be very difficult especially if we do not have much time or have limited cooking experience. However, do you know that with so many plant-based meal delivery services out there, you can easily enjoy more plant-based meals at home? Yes, you can.

Plant-Based Meal Delivery - Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service

There are so many Plant-based meal delivery services out there. All you just need to do is choose the one that suits your need. Although finding the right plant-based meal delivery service that works for you can be a little difficult it is not hard to find.  To find the right one, you just need to focus on Plant-based meal delivery services with quality ingredients, availability, and nutritional value.

Are you in search of the best plant-based meal delivery service but you do not know the ones to go for? Worry not, just follow this article to the end. This is because in this article are the best plant-based meal delivery services this year.

Best Plant-Based Meal Delivery Services

Just like I have mentioned above, there are lots of plant-based meal delivery services out there. However, below are the best ones to go for, check them out;


If you are looking for an organic meal with high-quality seasonal produce, Sunbasket is the best option. It is a good choice for people who want to boost their morale in the kitchen. This company provides different plant-based meet patterns including Pescatarian, Mediterranean, and vegetarian diets. Some of the recipes available on the menu weekly are roasted paprika chicken parsnip pear salad, Greek-style chickpea gyros, and sesame-crusted salmon with scallion and carrot salad.

When you want to sign up, you can choose between two to four recipes per week with two services per recipe.  You can mix and match your favorite recipes to build your own menu and add more to your order such as snacks, lunch, and breakfast. The plant-based meal is from $10.99 -$12.99 per serving. And the shipping costs a fee of $7.98 for most places in the United States.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is a plant-based meal delivery service that offers plant-based dishes, smoothies, and bowls that require just one easy step of preparation. You can build up your menu with 9-25 items in a week, which includes options like harvest bowls, chia bowls, oat bowls, soups, and flatbreads.

A few of the meals that the company offers are cauliflower rice and kimchi harvest bowl, pear, arugula flatbread, and pumpkin-chai oat bowl. Not only are they plant-based meals, but they are also organic. The items range from $6-$9 each. And the most interesting part is that they offer free shipping within most parts of the United States

Purple Carrot

Purple is a meal delivery company that delivers the entire ingredient that you need each week to prepare fresh plant-based meals. Although it is not made for weight loss, it will help you eat healthier. You can select between two or four serving plans and they range from $10-$12 each.

The dishes they offer include; Misco coconut ramen bowls with charred broccolini radishes, malfadine pasta with melted leeks and garlic herb cashew cream, and more. To know about their delivery fee, you can check their website. if you are looking for the best plant-based meal delivery service that delivers ready-to-cook meals at your doorstep, this company is a good option.

Green Chef

Green chef is a subscription-based service that gives the best healthy plant-based meal kits. The service has an extensive rotating menu with different plant-based options. You can make use of the options to create your meal plan based on your food taste.

Some of the recipes on the plant-powered meal plan are veggie and bean stuffed peppers, maple mustard sweet potato bowls, and honey glazed mushroom stir fry. You can order two or four recipes in a week with two servings per meal.  Each order comes with an easy step-by-step recipe card with all the organic ingredients you need. Plans cost 10.49 per serving. And the shipping fee is $8.99 in all states in the United States.


Mosaic is a plant-based fully prepared meal delivery service that aims to help you reduce all food make healthy food very easy to eat.  The service offers different single portion breakfast, lunch, and supper meals, all of which are ready to eat in just 6 minutes. A few of the selections on the menu are peanut tofu bowl, jerk lentil, plantain bowl, and green curry noodles.

You can build your own menu by choosing your favorite oat bowls or veggie, which cost $9- $5 each. The companies have a minimum order of just $7o and also offer free next-day shipping on all products over $100. You can check the company’s website to know if they deliver food to your region.